Monday, March 21, 2011

I Understand How It Feels

The geraniums on the plant stand in the family room have done very well this winter.  They're all leaning towards the window to capture as much sunlight as possible.  The ivy geranium in particular is making the most of its ability to grow long stems.

The ivy geranium has reached through the blinds.


While the ivy geranium caught my attention initially, I discovered that the Martha Washington geranium is showing off too.  It's blooming.

It is pressing its bloom up against the blinds as if to say, "I want to be outside."

I understand how it feels.


  1. I have to go to meetings today - worst part of the job I do, in my opinion! I'm sat here having my morning coffee and pressing my face against the window like some love-struck teenager.

    Still, at least I have the light so can garden tonight!!!

  2. I think we all understand this feeling:) I had to work yesterday and kept looking out the window at the sunshine, thinking of all the garden work I could be doing if only I weren't stuck inside. It won't be long now before your geraniums can feel the fresh spring air for real.

  3. Those light seeking, yearning ivy geraniums really do look like they want to be outside! We all do right now.....

  4. Hi There, Those geraniums are screaming to be outside, aren't they????? Interesting how the ivy has grown through the blinds..

    When you put the Ivy Geranium outside, do you put it near a trellis where it can grow????

    Have a good day.

  5. Only a few more weeks to go before you can release the beasts to your back patio!! Mine are ready too! And me :-)

  6. If your weather has been anything like ours over the past few days, the geraniums are going to be even more eager to be outside. I'm spending much more time out in the yard these days.

  7. It's a wonder we're not all crooked, as we lean toward the weak sun all winter. I have one geranium ready to bloom in my window.

  8. ~meemsnyc

    Meetings on good gardening weather days are the worst.
    Do you need sunglasses to work in that light?

    When we have slow days at work and it's nice outside, I'm always thinking of how much I could be doing in the garden too.

    We need sun!

    I'm wondering how much untangling I'm going to have to do when I move them from the plant stand. When the ivy geranium is outside, I let it cascade down.

    We have a few nights below freezing forecast this week so I know the plants have to stay in yet!

    I think the warmer days are definetely teasing the geraniums like they're teasing the gardener.

    Glad you're getting a bloom too.
    I think there are nose prints on my patio door...and not from a pet (we don't have any.)


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