Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh My Gosh, They Sprouted!

Well, they actually sprouted. 

Now to keep them alive and figure out for sure what they are.


  1. I know this. I, too, the import for my foreign trips nasina, which I find in a tree or shrub and sows in the house to the pot. I just grow these from last year and did not know what it is. Yours

  2. Just think of the fun you will have solving this mystery.

  3. You are so lucky to have sprouts already. I have a bunch of jugs out there waiting to see my first sprouts. Nothing sprouting yesterday and we're back to below freezing today so hopefully soon. Will get some photos of mine when they do. Be sure to stop by and follow. Congrats on the new ones.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. I've had seeds sprout in my potting soil long after I've recycled the seed starting mix, sometimes in the pot of a plant I've recently re-potted. I usually have no clue as to what they are...

  5. I do remember when you sowed these seeds. I wonder what they'll be?

  6. I'm totally loving winter sowing too!

  7. Looking good! Winter sowing sure makes things easy! I wonder what they are?

  8. Yeah! You'll be swimming in yellow soon!

  9. What fun! :-) My mystery last year was bulbs that began growing in the basement (planted in an old container). It took until the leaves were half-grown before I figured out the answer! ha.

  10. Whatever they are, it'll be fascinating to watch them grow. I've just sown some 'mixed cottage garden' flower seeds - much more interesting than sticking to named varities!

  11. Well, I do love a good mystery - and this is up to your blog-name :-)
    Interested in the outcome I will follow you, that's elementary. Britta

  12. ~Giga
    Sometimes mystery plants are the best.

    I know. Stay tuned.

    Well, don't let the freezing worry you. We're going to be below freezing for the next several nights too. Mine sprouted all at once.

    That's a fun surprise.

    They should be yellow unless I'm in for a bigger surprise.

    I've see your winter sowing containers. You're busy.

    We'll see. Tina had some possibilites. I can't wait to check them when they've grown.

    Thanks. I hope the survival rate is good for the transplant.

    ~Shady Gardener
    That's neat. Mystery bulbs. Fun.

    ~When I am Rich
    My husband likes mixed planting. It's nice to see what nature will do with the combinations.

    Thank you for visiting. I love a good mystery too.


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