Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peas, Onions And Working On The 2011 To Do List

Saturday was cloudy and cool so my wonderful husband and I decided to do our garden work on Sunday.  Sunday got very warm.  We hit 80 degrees.  That doesn't mean winter is gone as I saw 30 degrees in next week's forecast.  Anyway, while my WH worked on more pieces of cement for our new garden bed, I proceeded to plant peas.  This year, the peas are going to be on the berm with the strawberries.

I cleared off the tree limbs and straw before putting in little wire fences and some wood stakes for supports.  I planted Little Marvel (shelling), Sugar Bon (edible-podded snap pea) and Melting Sugar (snow pea).  I've only planted the Little Marvel before.  We're trying some new varieties.  

I put two of the old hanging baskets in the center of the pea patch because I  need to hold space to plant watermelon and cantaloupe seeds later.  By the time they vine, the peas will be done and can give up the space.

You can't tell much difference, but here are the peas planted with a little straw scattered on top and watered well.

On my list of things to do this season, I had decided to round up the hardy geraniums and plant them all together.  Their delicate flowers just don't get the attention they deserve when tucked in by other larger plants.  I moved one last fall to the end of this bed and added the two other geraniums Sunday.  I had to move a chrysanthemum plant out first.  It was just hanging out there over the winter until I decided where it should go.  I watered in the geraniums and gave them a decorative backdrop.

I also planted onion seeds, watered the sprouts in my winter sow containers and my cold frames, relocated a couple of Siberian Squill which I had missed in the front garden last fall to a space by the locust tree and planted a lot of allium seed I saved from last year in the side garden.  I don't know what kind of luck I'll have with the allium seed but I figured it couldn't hurt to try.


  1. Work in the garden in progress. To plant something else is always worth it, because how will it enjoys a positive effect. Yours

  2. I just luv the time we spend in the garden getting things ready. In Arizona, things R already blooming. Hugs

  3. Hooray for warm weather and working in the garden. You've got a good start on the vegetable season.

  4. You have been busy - can't wait to see it all in full growth!!

  5. Today was a GREAT day to work in the garden!! We got a lot done in ours too. .even if some of it was just figuring out the plan!! My highlight of the day. .finding that the rhubarb hadn't died after all!! It was a gift from a friend who LOVES my rhubarb pies (only cause no one else in the world makes them!) I was sure it was a goner!! YaHOOOOOOO!

  6. Everything looks so brown. That will change quickly I presume. Never heard of either of those peas, we planted Sugar Snap Peas weeks ago and fava beans, never seen them before very strange at 2-3 inches tall.

    Planting onion seeds this time of year? We plant onion sets much faster. Planted ours in late October, weeded them today all looking real good.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to be able to work outside? I planted some peas today, too. They were a snap kind. I need to put some supports near them yet.

    I hope your geraniums settle in nicely. I moved some a couple years ago, when we had our street resurfaced, and I'm thinking they all lived.

  8. I forgot to say I like your decorative backdrop. Oh, and I always plant onion plants because when you plant seeds, I'm thinking they don't form bulbs the first summer. Do you use yours for green onions?

  9. Isn't it nice to be working in the gardens?

  10. Makes me hungry just reading about all these good things you have planted. Have a great week.sble

  11. ~Giga
    Thanks. Spring provides a lot of opportunities in the garden.

    Enjoy those blooms.

    I hope so. I've already strayed from my plan on where to plant some things. Adjustments need to be made to fit it all in.'

    ~Carolina Mountains
    I'm always amazed at how much will be in that bare space before I know it.

    I've already had to alter the plan. Ha. Glad the rhubarb survived. It's not one of our favorites, but I think the red stalks are pretty.

    ~Randy Emmitt
    It will all change. Green will come. Check out the tours under pages in the right hand side of my blog. July 2010 is a good example. I've never tried fava beans. We love peas so are wanting to try a few more varieties.
    Onions would freeze here over the winter. Glad yours are doing well. Some people do start the seeds indoors and transplant. I don't really have a space to do that. I've been told by the "old timers" this will work but you must have patience and we love green onions. Either way we're good. I was a bit disappointed with the onion sets I purchased last year. Gonna try seeds. If it doesn't work, I can go back to sets next year.

    ~Corner Gardener Sue
    I was a little worried about the geranium I transplanted last fall but it has new leaves! We love green onions and some I planted just for that purpose. I've been told the onions will bulb but be patient. We'll see how it goes.

    We actually wore ourselves out being able to work outside all day. But it is a good tired.

    I'm ready for fresh salads so I hope it all grows.


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