Friday, March 25, 2011

Searching For A Long Term Relationship...

...with a watering can!

Here are the current watering cans at Garden on Sherlock Street:

This is the first watering I ever purchased.
It is almost 18 years old.
It used to have a sprinkler head, but it cracked beyond repair and came off.  I like how the carrying handle and pouring handle are in line with each other.

This is the watering can I purchased to "replace" the first watering can.
It is probably 15 years old.
The sprinkler head cracked, but only on the neck area. I duct taped it to the watering can.  With the fill opening on the top, water spills out when it is full.  I've accidentally drowned seedlings with this watering can.

This is the last watering can I purchased to "replace" both of the other watering cans.
It is at least 10 years old.
No cracks.  With the fill opening on the top at the side, it too spills water when it is full.  It does have a rotating sprinkler head so I can switch between a sprinkle or a pour, but it leaks and drips a lot either way.

I am in search of the perfect galvanized watering can. One I can use for the rest of my years.  It must have a screw off sprinkler head. The carrying handle needs to be inline with the spout and pouring handle. Plus, I want the fill opening to be on top at back. I'm ready to ditch the plastic watering cans for a "real" watering can. One that will function well, last for years and age gracefully.  Like the gardener.  :-)

If you see one, please let me know!!!

Our forecast for the weekend and into next week is looking more like winter than spring.  I'm not seeing much time in the garden these next few days.  I'm not worried about what is planted just bummed that we probably won't make much progress on the concrete pieces for the new planting bed.  Hope you get some time in the garden.


  1. Have you considered a Haws (you can google) -- they're expensive but they have a lot of good features.
    I have a big one for the garden and would like a little one for indoors but can't justify it.

  2. My one outdoor watering can most closely resembles your second. except I lost the sprinkler head long ago. I hate how water sloshes out the top opening when the can is full, but I had no idea there was another option. Now I'll have to look out for one like your first one!

    Good luck on your watering can search.

  3. If you find the watering can you're looking for, please let us know. I've been through the same types that you have used in the past.
    The weather here on the Plateau is also putting a hold on yard work. Hopefully Spring will soon return.

  4. You might need to design a watering can and have it patented and then made...or sell your idea....I don't know that much about them other than all that I have used leak.

  5. I'm glad that I am not the only one who buys things to replace other things. .then decided to keep them all!! Maybe you should engineer your own type of can. .then you could retire and garden full time!! Good luck!

  6. I bought a nice galvanized can a few yrs ago at the Tractor Supply Company store (TSC). I think I paid $25 for it but it has served me well so far.

  7. Hi Sherlock,
    I love the cans you currently have. It is a pain how the heads always seem to split isn't it? You would think in this age of space exploration that the whole watering can problem could have been sorted. The link blow has a rather natty can for

  8. I saw some at Lee Valley (look online) and they have free shipping for purchases over $40. Hope that helps!

  9. I have collected antique metal watering cans for the five years now.
    It's been a lot of fun but it can get expensive on ebay. But if you search vintage watering cans you can get a lower price in the auction.

    Where are you located in Kansas? I live in Shawnee.

  10. You are lucky to have those large plastic cans so long. I have three but one sprung a leak. Not sure why but it annoys me to no end. I hope the other two hold out for me. I like the retro look of yours-even in plastic.

    On the eagles, no, they are no where near my mother. She lives in Maine and the eagles are in Iowa. It's addicting watching them for sure.

  11. It may sound crazy but I only have one watering can - and it isn't very good! I guess I use the hose outside the most. I really need a good one too.

  12. ~Martha
    I will check out all possiblilites. If something is good and will last, it is worth the price. Thanks for the tip.

    ~Cherry Lane
    I like the design of my first watering can the best (I just need a sprinkler too). Water pouring out from the top wasn't something I thought of when I purchased #2 or #3. Now I know.

    I will gladly post about any good watering cans I find. I use them so much. I will be very happy when I find the right one.

    Now that's a thought. Leaks are bad for watering cans.

    I love the idea of living off a gardening invention!
    I'll probably keep the 1st can I bought as long as it holds water. It really is my favorite design just doesn't have a sprinkler anymore. It works well filling my aqua cones. If I find a good can with a sprinkler, #2 and #3 are going into the recycling. Our city now takes ALL plastics as long as they have a recycling symbol with a number in it. I feel less guilty about getting rid of things that still have some use knowing they'll be remade into something else.

    I will look online as we don't have a TSC here. THanks.

    That's a fun can you sent the link for. Thanks.

    I'm checking all my options. Thanks.

    ~Patrick's Garden
    I do keep my eyes open to possibilities at auctions and flea markets, etc. Thanks for visiting.

    I'm surprised they've lasted too. I'm always sitting them on top of something only to have the wind blow them off and bang them on the ground when they're empty. I kind of like the classic (retro) looks too. The last one I bought is a little modern but I gave it a try.

    I'd rather lug a can than drag a hose I guess and I like watering the sprouts by hand. It's a great workout! Good for the arms.

  13. I have a big plastic one like your second one but it sloshes water all over the place. I found a couple of old galvanized ones at antique shops (although they were both under $25) and I love how they work. Hold lots of water and are easy to carry.

  14. Your first watering can is the same one my grandmother had for years, it's still kicking around (my son owns the house now.) The second one is like mine, which sprung a leak last year. I didn't like the water flowing out the top either. For Christmas, I received a Fiskars watering can. I have not tried it yet but am hopeful.


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