Friday, March 11, 2011

Still Looking For A Four Leaf Clover

Oxalis, Shamrock Plant.

I couldn't resist bringing one of these home from the grocery store.  After all, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner.  The fun thing about oxalis is how it goes to sleep at night folding it's leaves together. 

I tried one of these a couple of years ago, but it died; or, I think it died. I have since learned that the plant grows from a bulb. It will wither and rest as bulb plants need to do. Since this one was forced to bloom for St. Patrick's Day, it may need a rest soon after the holiday.

If you grow this plant, please share any advice you can. I really want to keep one as a houseplant. If I'm successful with this one, I think I'll get the purple variety too!


  1. I have the purple variety. I am super bad at houseplants, so I've managed to allow it to survive but not thrive. I got mine as a division from a coworker's pot, and 8 years later its about the same size as when I got it. My fault, not the plant's. But since it survives, it is one of my favorite indoor plants. Plus it's purple!

  2. One thing I've found, is they don't like to dry out. Still, when I get back to watering them, they perk back up. I have had some die back quite a bit, but then grow new leaves. I hope yours does well.

    Thanks for stopping by my last post. I hope the weather cooperates so you can get your lettuce and such planted this weekend.

  3. I don't know about these plant things, but I do know when I was a kid shamrock used to thrive on very damp peaty ground.

    Hope that helps!

  4. We have oxalis the yellow and pink blooming ones and the brugandy colored leaved on growing all over my gardens and lawn...I am trying to let a patch grow under the Rose of SHaron Tree..oh and they can go without water for sometime in the yard...

  5. My grandma fixed me a start from her plant several years ago. I have found that it loves the sunlight from my north kitchen window. .also reminds me to water it often as Sue said. Right now it is looking a little thin. .but that will fix itself soon. Mine blooms year round and has been a fun thing to grow. I don't have the purple kind. .but have seen them several times in stores. Good luck!!

  6. I've tried this plant before, too... but when it rested (died?) I didn't know what to expect. So I got rid of it. I'd love to hear if you get some good advice!!

  7. ~Cherry Lane
    Sounds good! Purple leaves are great.

    ~Corner Gardener Sue
    Watering shoudn't be a problem. If I kill a houseplant, it's usually because I over water it.
    I did get out and plant. See the newest post!

    ~The Idiot Gardener
    I'm hearing moisture is a must for this plant. Thanks.

    How neat that you can just grow them in your garden. Drying out in a pot is probably really drying out. Thanks.

    I'm noticing that the plant leans quickly towards the light. We're enjoying it on the kitchen table currently. Great that it blooms year round. Thanks.

    ~Shady Gardener
    I think I did the same thing you did with the last one I tried. This time, it's going to be given a lot of time to recuperate if that happens again.


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