Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taking Down The Russian Sage

The front garden has a large area where I grow Russian Sage.  More accurately, where I try to contain Russian Sage.  It is a very durable plant that can spread with very deep roots.  Those deep roots are great for helping it survive during dry spells.  Each spring, I dig some of it up to keep it under control.  I leave the stalks through the winter to add some interest to the garden and capture snow.

Well, Saturday it was time for the Russian Sage to be cut down.  Here are the weapons.

I started by the house.

Basically, I bend the plants plants over, snip near the ground and then chop up the stems leaving them to "return to the earth."

All down.  Just a little chopping left to do.

Perfect, ready for a new year of growth.


  1. Oh my, that really does take over doesn't it! Wow.

  2. Hi Sherlock,
    Wow, to have that much Perovskia must look fantastic when it's in bloom. All too often people tenderly prune it down, when as you have shown, it's really not that particular and responds to chopping down to a couple of inches best. I would need to wait another couple of weeks over here as there are still a few frost though. Looking for to a picture when it's in full flower!

  3. That's quite a stand indeed. So pretty! I have a little bit here but not enough sun for it to do so well and I really regret that.

  4. Great job. Boy that russian sage is so tough. I remember doing that last year. I thought my teeth were going to snap loose with each chop.

  5. It looks as if your Russian Sage is very healthy, and containing it involves some hard work. But I hope you'll show us what it looks like once the new growth comes in.

  6. ~meemsnyc
    It can fill a space for sure but is worth it. And, easy!

    It smells really good after a rain having so much near the front door. Also, after the chop job I did on it, I smelled like Russian Sage.

    It does need sun. A friend got some from me but didn't have a good sunny spot for it either and it didn't get very big.

    I definetly need the big lopers to take it down. Some of those stalks can get woody like a tree.

    I'll get some photos for you!


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