Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taking A Survey

If you comment on posts very often, you've probably noticed the option to have follow-up comments emailed to you.

I almost always select this option especially if I've asked a question about a post.  I love reading other people's comments, and I don't want to miss an answer the blogger may have for a question I've asked.

This does create a lot of email to  Eventually, I unsubscribe to each follow-up request.

If you leave a comment on my posts, I almost always leave you a note in return trying to answer questions especially.  I usually just leave a comment on my own post to do this.  If you select the follow-up option, you won't miss those notes!  Occasionally, I will track down your email address and send you a note that way.

Either way, I'm curious if you use the follow-up option.  I've created a little poll in the right hand column directly under the photo.  Please take a moment to click a choice.  I'm going to leave it up through March 31, 2011.

Thank you!

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  1. I used to subscribe to all of the posts I left comments on when I first began blogging. You can really follow up but geez, too much email and most bloggers don't respond. Now I only subscribe to posts I know the blogger responds or if I ask a question and it is difficult to get back to the blogger. You know I still get follow up comments to posts I've commented on over 3 years ago! I quickly unsubscribe because these comments are usually spam. I'll go take your survey now.

  2. I checked "sometimes", but I really meant "rarely". Usually I forget that it is an option. Then I have to go back to check to see if the poster has responded. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I rarely use that option just because it could potentially create so much email! I try to reply to most commenter either on their blog or on mine but often I get busy and fail. Taking care of two kids (one in school) and getting the gardening done sure can eat up time!

  4. Oh dear, I wasn't even sure how it worked. Thanks for clearing that up. I usually remember to go back and check if the blogger has answered a question for me. I, on the other hand usually do not answer questions in my comments, I go to the persons blog and answer in their comments, that way I know they will read it.

  5. Honestly, I haven't explored these options enough to take the poll intelligently :)

  6. If I ask a question I usually go back to the blog and look. I am so busy at work and try to visit as many blogs as I can during a day.

  7. That's a good question. I usually answer the question on my blog but I don't know if the person who asked the question will get the answer. Too bad there isn't a way to do this simply. The amount of emails would be overwhelming. I don't have an answer for that one. Have a great day. And, since we R on this....what about the word verification. Can't we just eliminate that?

  8. I have only just realized that this option exists! I had used it a few times on really really popular blogs and got inundated by responses so I stopped using it. Thanks for making me realize that I CAN answer questions in my comments and people just might see them!!!

  9. I have done it a few times. I hope noone subscribes to my comments as I always reply on their blog if they have asked a comment. I started something different this week with blogger and now every comment left on my blog is automatically emailed to me so I can email them back if needed though my inbox is pretty full just now having 2 active blogs so I might have to reconsider this!

  10. Hi There, I tried to subscribe to that option once and realized that I was getting ALL of the comments on that blog. I stopped that immediately.

    I always get everyone's comment (who come to my blog) on my email --and hopefully, if I have their email address, I will answer questions via email.

    I never answer a question that someone asks-- on my own blog simply because most people do not have time to stop back by (me included). I never have time to go back to someone's blog.

    IF I don't have an email address, I will go to their blog and answer the question --and usually try to get their email address at that time. Email is my favorite way to communicate.


  11. Well I might would have but I never noticed that option! I forget to go back to blogs where I have asked a question so I will try this.

  12. I tried once - it was too much to handle. I just try now to remember to go back to the people to whom I asked a question. I don't always make it though. Sometimes when people ask Me a question, I'll answer both places - at my site and theirs.

  13. ~tina
    Some days I can feel like there is just too much. One nice thing about using gmail's web interface is that it collects all the comments for the same post and puts them together so I can just scroll through them easy and when I feel like I've read enough or see an answer to my question, I can just hit the unsubscribe link in the email. There is a blogging software out there that requires you verify that you asked for the updates before it gives them to you. I have found that to be a pain and don't ask for follow-ups from the sites that use that software anymore. I always ask for follow-ups of your comments.

    ~Cherry Lane
    I think it can be helpful for some posts that you're really interested in. But then, I've been know to email myself from home to work, and vice versa to remind myself to do stuff. Email is my reminder system. Ha!

    You have a busy day I'm sure with the little ones. It is cool that there are so many choices though. Everyone finds something that works for them.

    You do good at answering questions. I'm impressed with how you keep up with all your visitors.

    Hmmm. I guess you could answer never at this point.

    ~Becca's Dirt
    It sounds like you're good at checking the blogs again. That works too.

    It sounds like people have experimented with some different choices and find what works for them. Word verification is a whole different survey! Maybe I'll post it sometime. I kinda think of word verification as a way to filter what I have to see in my comments. If you set all your comments to go through moderation, you can control what gets posted. Without word verification, a lot of spam can find your comments with the way people automate that stuff now. I tried the different ways to post comments on my blog and settled on the little pop up window that has the word verification on the same "page" as everything else so it's all in one spot. I hope people don't mind that too much. I really dislike some of the nasty spam that is sent out and don't want to even see it.

    It can be really helpful for the right posts. I got your response today. Sorry to scare you on the bathroom remodel. Ooops. :-) It was really, really worth it!!! Does that help?

    I've seen that option and think it would be great if I was hooked up on a smart phone to read the comments all day. I think posting on the other person's blog works great too.

    You always get to me with the email! You do great.

    I think it's good to explore options. Hope you find what works for you.

    ~Shady Gardener
    Answering in both places is good. A great way to make sure you communicate with them.

    *****This has been really interesting. I've learned a lot about the ways to communicate through our blogs other than the actual posts. Thank you everyone for your comments and for clicking on the survey.*****

  14. When someone leaves me a comment, I go to their blog and leave them one in return. I do have some people who email me about my comments on their blog, but most of them follow up with a blog visit. Hope that helps! :-)

    I accidentally hit the wrong button on your survey. I thought it said, "Do you have people's comments emailed to you." I don't. That's a personal preference.


    Sheila :-)

  15. It depends on the comment I left. If it's someone I know replies to comments I'll use the email option. If I ask a question I go back to see if they answered. I try to answer all questions in my blog comments. I used to reply to every comment until I realized most people never checked back.

  16. In case anyone subscribed to these follow-up comments, I mentioned in the most recent post here, that I normally subscribe to comments except for when it's a meme that a lot of folks participate in. Sometimes I get the follow up comments read when they come in the email, and other times I don't. Sometimes, I unsubscribe to them after a question I had was answered. Usually, I just let them run their course. It's kind of fun to see a later one come and see what they had to say.

    I used to leave a follow up comment in response to each comment on my blog, but just can't keep up with everything. When I answer questions, I sometimes do it on my post, but usually go to that person's blog to answer. I try to visit everyone's blog shortly after they leave a comment on my blog, but don't always get that accomplished, either. Sometimes the comments I receive are because I've just visited that person's blog, so they apparently do the same thing.

    I've noticed that fewer people are replying to those who leave comments on their posts. I would like to get back to doing that, but maybe I can just do it once in awhile.

    How's that for a long comment?


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