Monday, April 25, 2011

An April Shower

It can still rain at Garden on Sherlock Street.

In 2010, I posted a rain gauge report each time I emptied the rain gauge.

This year, I've created a page in the right hand column where I will log rain fall amounts and rain barrel statuses.

We have a chance for more rain tomorrow.


  1. Oh...the sound of rain. I'm glad I could hear it on your video because we sure haven't had any all month!

  2. We've had quite a lot of rain here in the last month. We are thankful not to have to water the new shrubs and grass that were planted.

  3. I enjoyed your video. I hope you get a chance to be outside. I know my plants are loving the rain, but I'm ready for some warm, sunny days to work outside in.

    I hope you got some things done inside. I know I get sidetracked easily, and don't get as much done as I would like to when I'm doing housework.

  4. April Showers bring May flowers!

  5. Hoping for NICE rain. .no nasty storms!!

  6. Hi There, We have had LOTS of rain this spring also... The yard and flowers love it --but I just pray every day that these severe storms stay away from us, and you too!!!!!

  7. Too much rain this spring here. I was interested to see your sidebar with 23 inches of Average Precipitation per Year. In CT we get 52 inches on the average. We are on the border of zones 6 and 7 too.

  8. Wonderful rain!!! I do miss the spring showers. Your garden looks all clean and organized:)


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