Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Compost, You Haul

Our city has a great service for gardeners.
A free compost site.

People bring plant material to the site.

The city piles all the plant material into rows, and turns the rows until it becomes compost.

The compost is put into a pile for residents to take home to their gardens.

On Sunday, we backed the truck up to the compost pile and started shoveling.

We put tarps on the bottom.  Not because we think it will keep the truck bed clean.  It doesn't.  Because when you get down to the last bit when unloading, you can just pull the tarp out of the truck and not have to sweep together the last bit to be able to shovel it.

Loaded and ready to head home.

We backed the truck up to our garden and unloaded.
We removed the last two pea stakes to be able to open the tail gate.

I recently posted about "harvesting" soil from our wild area for the new planting bed.  While I filled the holes with a lot of plant material, the holes made it a bit hazardous to walk there.  My wonderful husband was right in suggesting we fill in the holes and level the area better.

There is more leveling to do but I'm planning to use some of the compost in other parts of the garden too.

My WH counted 12 FULL wheel barrels from the load.  Plus, I filled several buckets to carry compost to different places in the garden.


  1. Good work! Our city does something similar, except I never have to go to the site. In the fall everyone rakes their leaves to the street. The city sends its leaf-sucker machines out, then dumps all the leaves in a centralized pile. It doesn't get turned over the winter, so instead of compost in the spring they have leaf mulch. You can either go to the site to scoop it into a truck like you did, or pay a nominal fee to have a truckload delivered (like I do). Delivery is unfortunately late this year - mine comes next Wednesday!

  2. I think it's neat that your city makes compost available for citizens. Our community has a composting site, but for now the golf courses get all the compost.

  3. That is so great that your city does that! I sure wish ours did. I found out that the garbage trucks that pick up our yard waste brings it to a place that then sells it back to us as compost :( Doesn't seem fair that we have to pay for something we gave them. Your new soil looks so pretty and ready to be planted.

  4. Oh wow, I am so JEALOUS! I just bought 9 bags of compost today at Home Depot. How lucky that you have a compost site with free compost. Totally awesome.

  5. What a great idea! Wish out town provided this service. You are going to have some very happy and healthy plants.

  6. My WH has corrected me that it was 14 Full Wheel Barrels...

  7. What a wonderful service your city offers. 14 full wheel barrels is a lot. Hope you have a good day to be in the garden!

  8. THAT is AWESOME. .might be worth my 2 hour drive to get there!! Enjoy all that free dirt ;-)

  9. City composting for the community. Awesome.

  10. That's a really great deal. Wish our city had something like it.~~Dee

  11. What a SCORE! I am so jealous. NYC used to have a compost program but no more, and I hear has ended for good without any hope of returning. Budget cuts, of course.

    It's just great that you can pull up and haul away as much compost as you can carry!

    Fortunately we can do that with mulch here, and that helps me with making my own compost.

    Great site!

  12. That compost is pretty, too! I should check to see if we have some, now that I can't get in to mine, because the piles are full of leaves.


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