Monday, April 25, 2011

From Laundry To Garden

I received this wicker laundry basket as part of a gift during one of my bridal showers eighteen years ago.  It has had many uses.  Most recently as a laundry basket.

Recent reorganization of the laundry area left this wicker laundry basket without a purpose.

I've decided it looks good in the back garden.
I know some day it will deteriorate.  Eventually, it will end up as part of the garden.
Right now, I'm trying to decide what flowers to plant in it.


  1. That is a lovely basket. Yes, it will deteriorate outside. Are you sure there isn't a place where you could display this inside? Like filled with magazines or needlework, etc.?

    Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it and your lovely gardens.


  2. That's a lovely basket. I have a much smaller wicker basket that John gave me for Easter shortly after we married that this 19 years old. I keep my makeup in it! You'll have to share pics of what you decide to plant.

  3. I think baskets planted with flowers look really pretty. I wonder if you line it with plastic (and poke some drainage holes) if that would help it last longer? Hope you show what you plant in it.

  4. That's a great idea about lining it with plastic. .it might last a little longer out there. .cute idea of planting it will flowers!!

  5. The wicker baskets make the pretties containers. I usually have mine full of impatiens setting in a shady spot. They will only last for about three years but I love all shapes and sizes full of flowers.

  6. I've put grocery sacks in baskets before. They do still deteriorate, but they look pretty, and last a few years.

  7. I can't wait to see what you plant in it. It will look nice in the garden filled in.

  8. I did this once aswell and it was years before the basket rotted and had to be disgarded. Mine was taller than yours and I planted a Fastia in it.


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