Friday, April 15, 2011

Hours And Hours Of Wind

After I posted this morning's video, it started to snow.  Eventually, the sun came out.
It is still windy.


  1. What a day you have had. We are getting heavy thunderstorms tonight. Hopefully we will all have better weather for the weekend.

  2. I wouldn't want your wind, but oh how lovely those wind chimes sound.

    Hope your peonies survived.


  3. We didn't get the snow but we got the wind!!! But Kansas is windy!

  4. Oh my goodness. We had thunderstorms in the early morning hours this morning..I do hope your weekend is sunny and warm.

  5. We didn't get as cold as predicted overnight and the wind stopped blowing sometime in the evening. There was a sudden realization that we couldn't hear the wind (or the chimes). It was quiet. This morning, I removed the bucket from the peonies and inspected the garden. A lot of mulch blew away and some of my peas look like they were beat up. We have a wedding today but the weather is nice for gardening. Should be tomorrow too.

  6. Yuck! J says it has been windy at home too! Glad I missed it. And hope for some great garden weather tomorrow!

  7. Hi Sherlock,
    Love the video, and crikey, what a windy time you are having at the moment. I am also very impressed with the Paeony


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