Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Varied Weekend In The Garden

Saturday was sunny, windy and hot at Garden on Sherlock Street, but productive as well. 
After a stop at a garden center and a stop at a lumber yard, we tackled some garden projects.
There was the usual weeding and watering.  I also placed a soaker hose in the new planting bed.

I swept all the leaves and other debris from our front sidewalk.  Then, my wonderful husband poured three 50 pound bags of play sand on the sidewalk.  We spread it around with a broom filling in all the cracks.  We also watered it well to settle the sand.

 I planted carrots and replanted peas in the spaces that didn't sprout. 
My WH built something new for the garden.  We put it in place as the sun was setting on Saturday.
Here's a peek...

I'll have a separate post on this project.  Stay tuned.

Saturday night, we were both TIRED.  It shouldn't be 95 degrees Fahrenheit in April.  The cold front that brought our temperatures back to normal on Sunday was appreciated even if it didn't bring us any rain

We flipped the rain barrels into service Sunday morning (when it was cooler.)  Last year, I posted on how the rain barrels are connected.

Here's hoping for some rain.


  1. I love your front sidewalk! I agree, it is too hot for April. I hope you get some rain this week. Enjoy your pretty yard.

  2. I love the first pic!!! That's a piece of must have been busy busy busy:)

  3. I'll drink to the hope of rain ;-)Last year I bought some polymer sand at Lowes to fill in the cracks on my back patio. .and while I have yet to use it (I will!) It's supposed to work really well at both staying where it was supposed to. .and keeping weeds down. Can't wait to see your new project!!

  4. First I can't get over it being 95 degrees there!! Didn't you have snow not that long ago? I'll be happy if we ever hit 60.
    I just love your sidewalk, it looks so nice. I can't wait to see what your husband built. I need to replant Sweet Peas, I think they must have rotted in all the wet soil.

  5. Very pretty sidewalk. I need to go check your rain barrel post as I have a couple but no connection yet.

  6. I am so impressed with all of your hard work. I need to do yard work tomorrow, and my helper is supposed to come in the morning (I hope). We've had some warm weather (in the eighties), but it has been low humidity.

    Keep up the good work!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Looks like you had a very productive weekend! I can't believe it was so warm.

  8. In the heat and you are working hard to, in the cold (now 3 degrees C) and it is difficult pracować.W your garden happens. Rain water tanks - bravo. I like the path. I think that will fulfill the plans Inevitably this spring. Yours

  9. Very productive weekend for sure. Love the sand in the walkway. We would like a little rain here too.

  10. You worked hard! The sidewalk is great, love it! As for the rain, I wish I could send you some of ours!

  11. You had a very busy weekend. Your walkway looks so good. I wonder what project you have planted next? Suspense. LOL!

  12. what a fabulous little street name! love it.

  13. I love working in the yard too. If I thought rain barrels would make it rain, I would go buy some. We are under a terrible drought here. Many thousands acres and homes destroyed.

  14. That is a great looking sidewalk. Well worth the effort!
    I like your rainbarrel set up.


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