Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Week Of Afternoon Gardening

Different work hours this week gave me the chance to do some gardening most afternoons.  I just didn't have time for blogging until now.

Monday, we had rain which is fine.  I'll take all I can get.

Tuesday, was gorgeous!  I captured these pretty sights.

Purple tulips in full bloom.

Grape hyacinth.

Golden euonymus.

Lamium.  This grows under the junipers in The Forest near the rain barrels.

On Tuesday, I also opened one of the winter sown containers and transplanted some of the mystery flowers.  I planted them with the wildflowers in the alley.  I have a gap where the phone company had to dig when they replaced our line last fall.  The transplants seem to be doing well.  I think I'll divide the other containers and get them settled in the ground soon too.

Otherwise, on Tuesday I did a lot of weeding.

Wednesday, was cloudy and cooler.  In fact, it often looked like it could rain, but didn't.  I spent most of my garden time mixing potting soil.  I don't have a magic formula with three parts of this, two parts of that and 1 part of another.  I simply started mixing in the wheel barrel until it looked good.  I used some commercial potting soil with some good garden soil and some of the compost we acquired

I placed my large containers around the garden.  Each got the soil mix, some moisture crystals (that's the gel stuff that is suppose to help hold water for your plants.) and some slow release fertilizer.  Then, more soil to cover the crystals and the fertilizer.

I use upside down pots in some of the large containers so I don't need as much soil to fill them.

Looking good with the containers filled on the patio.  I don't empty all of the soil from the large galvanized containers on the patio each year, but I do add compost and stir up the soil adding the crystals and fertilizer.

I even set up the water container with the fountain.  No plants, snails or fish yet.

When I filled the hanging baskets, I put some newspaper in the bottom to help hold the water a little while and give the plants a chance to soak it up.  With our wind, it is impossible to over water a hanging basket.

It will be so nice to get bedding plants and just plant them!  The containers are ready.

Thursday was another beautiful day.  Warm and sunny.  I turned on the fountain and enjoyed its tranquil sound while planting seeds.  Vegetable seeds and flower seeds.  I also transplanted another winter sown container to the alley.  The roots on those winter sown plants are so healthy.

We're harvesting so much lettuce right now, I'm sharing it with friends.  However, I missed some succession plantings of radishes because I just pulled the last ones and don't see any that will be ready again for awhile.  Another reason I planted more vegetable seeds.

I also constructed a little teepee trellis of bamboo for some red cardinal vine seeds I'm planning to plant.

Friday is suppose to be a bit windy and we have other activities going into the weekend that will likely keep me from the garden.

Have a great weekend.  I'll see you back here on Sherlock Street next week some time.


  1. You've sure been busy!

    I need to start getting containers ready, too. I've bought the annuals and have no where to put them just yet.

  2. It sounds like a perfect week in the garden!

  3. You sure got a lot done. Going to look wonderful. My winter sowing jugs aren't ready to plant out here yet.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Gorgeous colour on the tulip! Happy digging!

  5. Great tips! My you have had a busy week in your garden too. My winter sowing was an experiment that went badly. Nothing is growing but I won't let that stop me from trying again. Stubborn gardener her. LOL! What a pretty plant your Golden euonymus is. What a great plant to liven up a spot in the bed.

  6. It's fun to read about all that you have accomplished this week. That purple tulip is lovely. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Windy. .I GUESS!!! It is horrible here!! This time of the year doesn't allow many days to go by without something to do. .gardening or otherwise! Sounds like you had a productive week. .and the rain was wonderful too!!

  8. Nice wrap-up of your week. I wish I could organize my days & remember them like that. I rarely remember what I did from morning to evening on any given day, let alone a week;-) It is nice to have some kind of water feature in the garden, simply to hear the peaceful sound it makes. That's a great idea to use the container. I LOVE the idea of adding newspaper to the hanging baskets; that coconut liner material really doesn't absorb/hold moisture that well. I haven't potted up any hanging pots yet, but, will get to that eventually & when I do, I will use your sugggestion. Have a great weekend;-)

  9. You have ben one little busy bee...are those mystery plants zinnias?

  10. You have been one busy girl. Looking good. I think your mystery flowers look like Profusion zinnias.~~Dee

  11. Looks like you've been busy!! Things are really coming along in your garden!

  12. Look at those pots all ready for planting! You'll have fun planting those. I bought some different potting soil, but need to buy more. I never thought of adding compost or garden soil. I put smaller pots like yours in the bottom of the larger ones, too. Thanks for the tip of putting newspaper in the baskets. I wish I'd have done that with the one I put in the bicycle basket I planted.

    I've had 2 lettuce harvests, which have provided several days worth of salads. I love this time of year!


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