Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 Fish

On Saturday, we made a stop to pick up some "feeder" fish or "mosquito" fish.  The lady at the pet store, bagged 6 for us, and then we realized one wasn't moving.  So, she got another bag and caught 2 in the net.  She gave us the extra fish free.  We brought them home and floated the bags in the water container for a while hoping to get the temperature of the water in the bag closer to that in the water container.

We released the fish.

Sunday morning, we found one floating.  So, we're at 6 fish.

Our area has a frost advisory for tonight.  This has been a crazy spring.  We hit 100 degrees Mother's Day weekend and tonight we're suppose to be down to 35 degrees.  I moved all the small containers into the garage and sat clay pots over as many other tender plants as I could including the pepper and tomato plants in the vegetable garden.  If we do get frost, I'm planning to spray water on the plants I couldn't cover in the morning.  I also watered a lot today and my wonderful husband helped me mulch a lot of areas.


  1. I get the same type of fish for our pond -- I have two that are three years old and nicely sized. I get a couple of dozen because our mortality rate is high -- they disappear!!! But they are cheap enough!

    Wacky weather isn't it -- MD weekend is the drop dead date for frost -- it's when I bring my plants OUTSIDE!!! I'm hoping further south that there is none of that!

    One good thing, it seems we brought Kansas sunshine to the english countryside -- we haven't had much rain -- haven't had a rainy day yet!

  2. Hi Sherlock,
    Sounds as though you have had it as dry as over here. What is wrong with the weather? I like the way you have used the fish.

  3. It has been cold lately. Brrrr. I much prefer it to the heat though. I must go get some feeder fish soon. I like the little guys outside.

  4. We woke up to 68 degrees this morning and that felt down right chilly and great!

    Your fish are a nice addition to your gardens.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  5. There was a little frost this morning. Mostly, on a few roof tops but not everywhere. I took the watering can and sprinkled a few plants that I couldn't cover or move. Everything looks good. Looking for a nice day and warmer from here on. I'll take all the covers off and move the pots back out when I get home from work.

  6. Hi There, Hope the rest of your little fishies make it.... We too are having cold weather again... I had worked so hard to clean the deck this past week... Now--it's too darn cold to go out there. ha


  7. The weather seems to be unreliable everywhere. Still no rain here in south west England but a mean, strong wind tearing the new leaves from the trees and snapping the stems of my iris flowers.

  8. I was happy to see your comment above that it appears all your plants are ok. It has been very unusual weather most everywhere this Spring. Hope the fish will be safe now - enjoy the rest of your week.

  9. my neighbor had frost. .but we didn't! Thank goodness!! I finally got my tomatos and peppers transplanted on Saturday. .and they are still looking good. .a little wind blown, but alive!! I have most enjoyed the fish in the pond this winter and now spring. We have yet to lose one. .and when I went plant shopping a couple weeks ago, I bought a small yellow Koi and a google eyed black goldfish at the pet store. .they are both doing well still!! Isn't nature wonderful??


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