Friday, May 13, 2011

Containers, Containers Everywhere

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I plant a lot of containers.  We have some large hardscape areas which really need plants.

Here is the flower tower.  This year, I went with white bacopa and purple hyacinth bean vine.

The front walk gets a few containers and hanging baskets.  I'll bring out some houseplants when it gets consistently warmer.

I placed some containers amongst the garden beds.

These are planted with gomphrena seed.

A mix of sweet potato vines.

Purple basil in the laundry basket.  It's hard to see right now.  After I mulch it, there will be more contrast.

Around the water container, I rearrange the plants through the summer.  I still need to get some fish.

Along the patio edge, I have my large galvanized containers and several small clay pots.  The hanging baskets will go up on hooks after they get better rooted.

I also have a tray of geranium cuttings I'm hoping will root.  There's always room for more plants.

I have moved all of the plants I overwintered from the family room to the garden.  Some I left in the same containers.  Others, I combined with different plants in larger containers.  The list of overwintered survivors are in the previous post.

Here's what it looks like now.

Obviously, plans change.


  1. I love your list! I don't even make on for my pots. I used to plant as many as you, I think. Last year, I didn't plant as many, but still spent more time watering them than I wanted to. Now that I've got lots of annuals in the front yard, I am determined not to plant as many. Plus, with being sick, I am behind other years in the things I've gotten done. It wasn't food poisoning, because Larry is sick now.

    Oh, before I forget, the reason I came here at this moment, was because I was remembering someone had asked me about the fence in the front yard, so I went back and found it was you. Yes, these are 4 foot wide panels from Menards. I'm thinking they are 4 feet tall, too. The end panels that curve are less wide. We have the same one on the east bed, only in the back and on one side. You wouldn't want to climb them, as they probably wouldn't support a person's weight, but they will hold vines that climb on them. Oh, and one of the ones we got had the glue or whatever they used to fasten part of it together come apart. So, you want to look them over. They also have some 3 foot wide ones. The brand isn't coming to my brain. They do go together easily. Larry used a mallet.

  2. Oh, and it must feel good to have all your plants from inside put outside. Larry took ours out yesterday. I still have a couple to take out, plus my spindly seedlings.

  3. Your containers look nice all grouped together. I really like all the galvanized ones. I'm really slow on getting mine done, it's just so cool out still I don't think much will do well. I hope this weekend to make some practice.

  4. I really need to do more with containers. I may have to add a water garden like yours to our front porch. The kids would love a few fish in one!

  5. One of the nice things about gardening is that plans can change to take advantage of new circumstances. We have quite a few containers along our driveway, but I really like your flower tower -- that's neat.

  6. Ohmygoodness! Pots for sure! ;-)

    I love the idea of putting the gooseneck loosestrife in a big pot. That's a perfect place for it. Mine has begun to get a bit "carried away!" lol

    Happy Spring!!

  7. I love the container tower! There is no such thing as too many plants or too many containers to plant in.

  8. Ahh! You are so organized! It's inspirational! I love those galvanized washtubs and containers - just lovely! You certainly have no shortage of pots for your plants - I'm looking forward to seeing everything after a good dose of heat and rain!


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