Friday, May 13, 2011

Filling The Vegetable Beds

Reposted by GonSS due to loss during Blogger's outage.

I have set my tomato and pepper plants out into the vegetable garden.

Here are four tomato plants from a generous gardening friend who had great success in her greenhouse this past winter.  She shared tomato starts with me:  sweet baby cherry, chocolate cherry, brandywine heirloom and mater sandwich.  Each has a cage and a couple of milk jugs filled with water to act as wind breaks until they root in well.  I'm already envisioning a bountiful tomato harvest.

I purchased my pepper starts:  a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper and a jalapeno.

This is the wild area dominated by the teepee trellises.  It looks bare right now, but I planted several gourd and flowering vine seeds.  Plus, some castor bean plant seeds from a friend. 


  1. Thanks for reposting - I missed the first one.

    I like your square tomato cages - they look sturdy.

  2. I missed more posts than I thought. .and even caught only the last day of the crazy blogger mess!! I sure hope the tomatos do well for you. .and can't wait to compare how they differ between locations and microclimates!! That will be a fun science experiment for sure!

  3. Great idea blocking the wind with those gallon water jugs. I just love the teepee trellises! Can't wait to see them covered in vines!


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