Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Help In Various Ways

First of all, I found two more garden hose guides by the same company that makes the other ones in the garden.  A leaf and a rose.  I decided to not duplicate any of them.  Surprisingly, the rose is three separate pieces screwed together somehow inside.  I tightened it before putting it in the garden.  All the other ones are a solid piece.  They are heavy.  I'm hoping for many years of use. 

I also bought some hose for the garden.  Nude, sheer toe.

The hose go with these green spikes.

And, a bunch of two litter bottles.

My wonderful husband and I don't usually purchase beverages in two liter bottles. We collected these from various sources. I had some from last year, but I purchased more green spikes over the winter. My WH snagged some from a few nights the guys gathered to play and I brought several home from an event at work. We cut the bottoms off the two liter bottles.

When we put the three pieces together, we get aqua cones! 

I stick them in the soil by the plants in the vegetable garden.  You just pour the water into the bottle and the spike delivers it deep to the roots of the plant.  My large garden plants did well with these through the hot, dry, windy days of summer last year.  So, I invested in some more over the winter while they were on sale.  The hose keeps bugs and leaves from getting into the bottle and clogging the spike.  Any color or style would work.  By the end of summer, the hose look kind of rough, but they really do the trick.

I put 18 aqua cones in the garden.


  1. The hose guides are so nice. The 2 liter bottles and the hose are a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great idea. With my super sandy soil, any way to get more water to certain plants is helpful.

  3. Soooooooo, where did you find the spikes? (And do they have holes in them or something?)

  4. I should hav mentioned that tha spikes have holdes in them. You can actually choose how deep you want it to water depending on which holes you open. I use the ones the farthest down the spike. I got mine from Gardener's Supply Company but other places have versions of them too. I've also seen where you can poke a few holes in the bottle leaving the cap on and partially bury it next to your plant to achieve the same thing.

  5. Very clever. That is a smart idea.
    Hope you're having a good day.

  6. Ah, hose guides, that's exactly what I need!

  7. I have a few of the aqua cones too, but haven't used them in a couple years. .I love the idea of using hose to keep out the bugs. .which was my problem the first time. I'm also interested to know where you found the hose guides. .I think I may need a few!

  8. When I first saw the stockings I couldn't figure out what you were using them for, then the soda bottles! I had to laugh when I saw the final project and what a great idea. I will be using this for myself, potted plants go through so much water! WHEW!
    Loving the hose guides too!

  9. Thanks for a great suggestion. I like the way you handle the watering problem. I guess I need to start collecting two-liter bottles.

  10. Brilliant! What an excellent DIY way to make sure everyone gets enough water during those hot stretches of summer...I have some self-watering containers that I've rigged up with 2-liter bottles but it never occurred to me that I could also do this directly into the ground! The most brilliant part? The pantyhose! I just may be giving this one a try - thanks for this post!


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