Friday, May 13, 2011

Overwintered 2010

Reposted by GonSS due to loss during Blogger's outage.

This is a list of the number of containers of each plant I brought inside to overwinter in hopes of returning them to the garden next spring and maybe propagating more.

3 Jacob's coats

2 amaryllis ***

1 mother-in-law's tongue ***

2 cacti ***

10 geraniums

1 aloe vera ***

2 asparagus fern

6 impatien cuttings

1 ice plant

8 sweet potato vine cuttings

1 basil

1 verbena ***

hornwort (in bucket)

snails (in bucket)

***  will stay in current container during 2011 growing season
-#  number of each plant that did not survive

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  1. I see you are a list nut like me. LOL! I even save seed packets. I am a crazy woman.
    I cannot over winter potato vines and impatiens either. I try it every year and still they always die on me mostly just before it starts getting warm enough to take them out. LOL! Go figure that out. I should just give up but I am too stubborn.


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