Saturday, May 14, 2011

Planting Assistants

This is the best free gardening tool I've ever received.

A local hardware store had a coupon in the paper one year for it.  Spend at least a certain amount at their store, bring in the coupon and choose a hand tool.  It's nice for digging holes for large seeds and the claw side is great for loosing the soil for small seeds.  It also has a handy leather hanger.

I also got this tote free from somewhere.  I didn't use it for a long time, but gave it a try this spring while planting the vegetable seeds.

I keep a small note book and pen in it to make notes while planting.  It also has a small paring knife to open seed packets and clothes pins to help hold seed packets closed.  The inside pocket has enough room to carry four or five baby food sized jars of seeds as well.

Clothes pins on the seed packets keep them from blowing away if it's breezy while planting.  A quick fold at the top and a clothes pin also keeps seeds from escaping the packets easily.

I will continue some succession planting of radishes, lettuce, etc until it gets too hot.  Otherwise, I believe the edibles are in place.  Remember when I tried to plot out the raised vegetable beds in February?  Here are the maps now.


  1. Great "assistants"! Thanks for the tips. I admire the plotting you do, too.

  2. Dear Gardener on Sherlock Street,
    the tool looks very useful! And a sort of basket where you have everything ready is a good idea (I use that when I do household cleaning - all things needed in a little bucket which I carry with me)
    Thank you for your comment (they where all lost and never restored by blogspot - but I was lucky to see it before, thank you!

  3. Those are great tools! Nothing beats great gardening tools! I love my gardening mats, I can't garden without them.

  4. Looks like a handy tool for sure! Your layout looks great too - you grow girl!


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