Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harvesting Lavender

In the back garden I have a small planting of lavender.

 There are two varieties. 
The taller plant is Lavandula, angustifolia 'Buena Vista.'
The shorter plant is Lavandula, intermedia 'Grosso.'

I am harvesting the Lavandula, intermedia 'Grosso.'
I am not an expert lavender harvester, but I've read that you want to harvest it before the blooms are completely open, and harvest when the humidity is low to avoid mildewing .

I used rubber bands to hold the bundles.

I slipped the rubber bands onto a wooden dowel and balanced the dowel on the plant stand in the family room which is cool and dry.  The newspaper below the lavender will catch any blooms that fall off.

When the lavender is dry, I will pull off the blooms to use in sachets.

I did this last year and made two small sachets for the guest room closets.  Those sachets still smell wonderful.
The plants have increased in size.  I'm looking forward to getting more lavender blooms this year. 


  1. Isn't the smell just delightful? Your plants do look so healthy, should be a great harvest!

  2. Good information. Not going to be able to do much of that this year with mine, so it'll wait until next year. Had to move all my Lavender a few weeks ago and most of burned up with the 90's right afterwards. I cut it back to the bones and it looks like a few so far are starting with some new leaves. Yours are lovely.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. I weave bottles or wands out of mine. The harvest here is almost done. One more harvest to dry for sachets! I have provence variety -- does very well here with both our heat and our cold.

  4. Good info-I am hoping to have some to harvest. Your plants look so large and healthy. Mine is rather scrawny and is growing in a pot...but I hope to have enough to try.

  5. I have a hidcote which is doing really well. Last spring I planted an anouk and one silve anouk. They are surviving. .but that is about it with the incessant heat and wind! I haven't ever harvested it, but I sure like running my fingers through the foliage! Yum!


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