Saturday, June 4, 2011

The June Garden Tour

The summer flowers are starting to claim their place in the garden.  All the containers are settled in and I'm hoping for beautiful cascades of flowers and foliage.  There are some spaces in the garden where I'm still waiting for the seeds I planted to fill in.  Plus, the vegetable garden will soon be crazy.  In the vegetable garden photo, you'll see upside down pots near the strawberries.  Some are holding the bird netting up off the plants.  Others are holding the netting down so the wind doesn't blow it away.  The tour is back one post or you can find it under Pages in the right hand column.  Enjoy!


  1. Your garden is going to look great. What have you planted in all those containers.?

  2. ~Melanie
    Hello! There is a scan of my crazy containter list at
    If you can make out my scribbles and mark outs, you'll see some of the selections. I have my favorites...purple fountain grass, sweet potato vine, petunias.
    I hope to get a post of the planted containers together too.


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