Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Many Container Plantings

I have a lot of containers.  Here's a quick tour of the plantings.

Bacopa in the top three tiers of the flower tower and purple hyacinth bean plants in the bottom container.

Hanging baskets with petunias and vinca vine starts, a large container of a wave petunia and a container of purple fountain grass.

Two containers with Martha Washington geraniums.

The pansies looking kind of leggy and wind blown.


A container of various sweet potato vines.  (I also took cuttings from these plants and have starts of sweet potato vine tucked in the shrub borders and flower beds--free plants).

Two buckets of red petunias.

Purple basil from my friend Melanie.  I like the contrast with the wicker basket.

Purple fountain grass.

The water container with hornwort and snails.  All my fish died.  :-(

An asparagus fern by the house, caladiums in the rectangular container and a cacti in front.

A large ice plant to the right, geraniums in the oval container (the sweet peas I planted in there did not sprout), some vinca in the bucket, a small container of Jacob's coat and some rosemary I'm trying to start from seed.

Some geraniums in the small containers, nicotina seeds in the black container (starting to worry they're not coming) and a mix of flowers in the big tub including a sweet potato vine start, some dianthus, a Jacob's coat, some ice plant, purple elephant ears and a large allium stalk.  I cut the allium stalk off after it bloomed in the front garden to give the bulb more energy, but I couldn't just toss it.  I stuck it in here to enjoy for a while.  You can only see the bottom of the sphere at the top of the photo.

Ice plant, ivy geranium, an amaryllis, some weak looking impatiens, some more geraniums (reds and whites) and in the trash cans---Jacob's coat, verbena and ice plant.

Hanging baskets with petunias, rose moss and calibrocha.

Baskets with asparagus fern, ivy geraniums and rose moss.  These were suppose to hang from a shepperd's hook by the back patio, but ended up being too heavy for the hook.

I also have a mother-in-law's tongue, an aloe vera and the angel wing begonia in containers outside.


  1. That is a lot of containers. All look lovely though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Some very cool ideas there! I like the wicker basket and the terracotta towers. The simplicity of the garden pails is pretty cool too!

  3. Very nice. Do you have a hard time keeping things watered? I may borrow the metal trash can container idea.

  4. So many nice collection of containers. I like the first photo best.

  5. Looks great! I liked the first photo too and one day I'm going to make myself one of those...

  6. And I thought I had a lot of containers! Using the metal trash cans is a very clever idea, and I like the tower of pots in the first photo. I almost bought one of these this spring, but then talked myself out of it...maybe next year.

  7. ~Darla
    Only when it gets super hot and dry. I'll move the hanging baskets into a protected area at times. The patio containers last pretty well. Mulching them has made a big difference. I use cedar shavings like people put in pet cages.

  8. I definitely have a strong case of "container envy". (Actually, I have very little success with containers. Mostly because I am undisciplined in the watering/fertilizing department.) Yours are wonderful!

  9. You've been busy!!! I purchased a black container like that for a water garden a few years ago... and :-( My fish died, too. I wonder if it's the container???

  10. You've got quite the knack with those containers. This is something I've never had luck with so I admire those who do so well. Those tipsy pots are so cool! I keep saying I'm going to install some but never have. Sigh. I like those galvanized containers. Very nice!

  11. ~Shady Gardener
    I've had fish in it many other years. I think I may have gotten sick fish. I haven't tried to track down more yet. Thanks for visiting!

  12. I am just SOOOOO in love with your different containers! I would have never thought of the wicker basket-clever and it looks great. And galvanized buckets are the best. I have dozens, but I tell ya, they are getting harder and harder to find! Do you think everyone is catching on to how great they look?
    Sorry about the fish. Never easy to lose things-plants, fish, anything.

  13. That's a lot of containers!! Glad the basil is doing well for you! I LOVE the Martha Washington geranium!! I also read the other day that someone dug up the sweet potato tuber and stored it over the winter and now has it planted out again with good luck. .just FYI!

  14. Your containers are looking so pretty. I of course love the basket of basil and buckets of petunias. Your Tipsy Pots are looking good too. Mine are sure getting a slow start this year so far.

  15. have the tipsy pot plans...have the intent to make the tipsy pots...ALWAYS forget to actually follow through!
    Your containers are awesome.
    I have missed hopping around from blog to blog...just not enough time in a day to get around and say hello anymore. I am sorry I have been so absent as of late...just now getting any time to sit and it is 10:30 pm!
    I hope this finds you well, happy and full of life!

  16. With all of those really colourful tubs, I think we must be kindred spririts! The garden is all looking very tidy and colourful. I also love the idea of using galvanised metal dustbins as planter....very effective!

  17. My word, if you were to stop gardening, potting soil would drop on the stock market. :) Love your water garden, sorry about your fish. Supposedly goldfish are easy but I've had more floaters with them than any other fish. You might try guppies.

  18. Wow that's a lot of containers and such a wide variety of plants. I like the basil then maybe that's because your friend has the same name as me :)

  19. You do have a few containers to maintain. I like the first fun image with the pots 'balancing'.

  20. I like your tipsy pots. I also have a few of them. Nice buckets and wicker the idea of using them as planters.

    Thanks for your visit!:-)

  21. I love your containers, - you must spend ages watering! Ive just read you climate description, your weather there sounds just idyllic, last frost in April! How lovely. Kathy

  22. ~The Cottage Garden Farmer
    Watering doesn't take too long. It's a good meditative time.
    As for teh idyllic weather...the wind here has a way of messing up otherwise ideal weather conditions. Ha! Thanks for visitng.

  23. I love all the variety of plants and containers. Personally I don't think there is such a thing as too many plants and I don't think there is such a thing as too many planters!

  24. Your containers are looking awesome! I think the plants we overwintered are happy to be outside.

    I tried that idea of sticking a cutting from a sweet potato plant in with a plant that needed a another to join it. I wasn't sure if you were supposed to root it in water first. I didn't think it was going to make it those first few days, but I left it there, and now, it looks like it is growing.

    I'm sorry about your fish. A raccoon ate Larry's.


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