Sunday, June 19, 2011

Red Cardinal Climber

A friend gave me seeds for red cardinal climber.  I created a teepee out of bamboo stakes and planted a circle of the seeds.  Many of the seeds sprouted.

The vines are also starting to climb!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing these blooms! So much fun to watch and wait impatiently for the flowers.

  2. I assume this is an "annual" and that it will have red flowers? (Or not?)
    I'm not familiar with it.

    With that angel wing begonia do you put the cutting in water to develop roots first or just a root "enhancer" before sticking it in the dirt?

  3. I got some seed this year too. The first ones never came up. .the second batch I threw in a pot and transplanted after they sprouted-during insanely hot weather. As of last night, they are still alive in all spots. .hoping for some blooms out of them! BTW. .at least one of those crazy fun gourd plants is still alive. .and also a couple of the hyacinth bean plants are growing. .yahoo!

  4. Cardinal climber (creeper) is one of my favorite hummer magnets! I know I planted some somewhere this year...I think...I've been throwing seeds everywhere...and keep forgetting what/where! I've grown it successfully in containers as well. I think it will make you very happy!


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