Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splish Splash

Birds are so entertaining.



  1. We also love to watch the birds play and bathe in the birdbaths...great video!

  2. I love the birds in the bird baths -- and we have a heater in one in the winter and I'm surprised at the splish splash when it's 0 outside!!!! Birds are so entertaining!

  3. They are precious. I love to watch them. It is relaxing watching them splash.

  4. I've been entertained by the birds lately, too. We have barn swallows--and perhaps there are others that join them--that practice divebombing manuevers every night:) Sophie and the cats are mesmerized by them, too.

    That birdbath actually looks inviting--wouldn't it be nice to have a little pool to splash around in after getting all sweaty working in the garden?:)

  5. How I miss our birdbaths!! They are sure enjoying themselves, aren't they?!

    We had to take ours down. A local
    "bee" man is storing his hives at our place for the summer. They kept coming to the birdbaths and drowning. I felt so bad I emptied them---I only put in a scant 1/4" now for the bees. Our poor birds have to look elsewhere for their water.

  6. Fun video. I love watching the birds.

  7. I agree. I could just watch them all day long.

  8. They sure are (entertaining)!


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