Friday, June 24, 2011

Squash Bug Hunter Returns

According to blogger stats, my post entitled, "Squash Bug Hunter" is the most viewed at Garden on Sherlock Street.

Well, it is once again squash bug season.  I am on the hunt.

I venture into squash bug habitat armed with a piece of duct tape rolled sticky side out.

The tape is perfect for picking up squash bug eggs.

It also does a good job picking up squash bug babies.

After a day of hunting, I unroll the tape...

...fold the tape over onto itself and press it together.

My wonderful husband is good at squash bug hunting too.

We hand pick the adults who like to hide at the base of the plants, but don't like to be wet.  We pour water at the base of the plant and grab them when they head for higher ground.

While my WH will just squeeze the squash bugs between his fingers (yuk), I prefer stomping on them.

By the way, when you squish a squash bug, it STINKS!


  1. We call them stink bugs around here, and boy do they stink! This is a clever idea.

  2. Time to go hunt for them myself. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Great info! I've used the duct tape for other critters but didn't think of it for the eggs.

  4. Another use for duct tape---how wonderful. I HATE getting bugs but this is a great idea-thanks!!!
    Love the shoes.....I have been waiting for those to go on sale!

  5. Isn't duck tape the best. LOL! I have never saw this little tip before. What a great idea and it could work on all the bugs. Thanks for sharing this one.

  6. Duck tape, what a great idea. Bugs eww lol funny how we gardeners don't like bugs, but really we do but we don't but we do!

  7. UCK! I hate those critters! My garden is full of hoppers and beetle bugs. .I need more birds!

  8. This is a great idea! I used to put Sevin on my squash plants when the bugs appeared, but I try not to use any kind of pesticides anymore. The last few years half my crop was ruined. I'm going to go put the duck tape in my garden tote now!

  9. Checked my squash plants after reading your post. Happy to say, no squash bugs yet.

  10. I don't have trouble with this kind. What gets my plants are the stem borers. I put aluminum foil around the stems of the plants in my yard. I need to do it across the street, too. I hope that works. I love your use of duct tape, and your clever use of water to get the adults to come up. Great hunters you are!


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