Thursday, July 28, 2011


We got a little rain shower last night and are hopeful for more rain tonight.  While it is very muggy, it is cooler today.

However, many of the plants are showing signs of stress.

The Dwarf Alberta Spruces had some sun scorch last year.  This year, they are much worse. 

The arborvitae are starting to match the spruces.

The clematis looked very nice this spring, but is simply surviving now.


The seeds I winter sowed and planted in the wildflower area are hanging in there.  I do need to water them every couple of days.  The mulch has helped a lot.  When I planted them, tina at In The Garden thought they might be a heliopsis or helianthus.  While my plants are still small and not blooming this year; my neighbor who gave me the seeds last year has ones that are blooming.  She took a flower to our horticulture agent and confirmed the heliopsis identification.  An oxeye or false sunflower.  Not trying to get an exact identification.  It is good to know it's growth needs better.  And, tina, you were amazing identifying the plant from the seed heads!  Maybe mine will bloom next year.

As a bright spot, this bucket of vinca flowers is loving the heat.


  1. Those conifers are looking bad. I hope you don't lose them, but people everywhere are losing them right now. Good luck.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Crispy is right. Eesh. I hope you get some much needed rain.
    We've gone 2 weeks without. Things are doing OK, but my rainbuckets are empty and I'm tired of dragging hoses around. They need RAIN.....not icy well water.
    It's been quite the summer, hasn't it!

  3. We've always had success with vinca during hot summers, I'm glad its doing well for you. I hope you get more rain soon. I hope we do, too.

  4. Awww you are sweet. I only knew the identification because I had just looked at the seedheads. You learn so much by doing and I sure do a lot of gardening. With my garden coaching business I learn even more and so love it. Sometimes it is a turn off for my garden friends if I have the answer to their garden questions though. Ha. Double edged sword this knowledge I tell you. At any rate did your alberta spruces recover last year? Sometimes in dry weather they get spider mites. You have reminded me I must go spray mine before they turn brown. When my arborvitaes turned brown they did not recover. I was sad to lose two from my hedge.

  5. I have some sun burned foliage too....

  6. My gosh it really is dry for the evergreens to be browning up. I truly wish I could send our moisture across the country. That vinca is gorgeous though, apparently a happy plant.

  7. We too got some rain last night and a bit today. But the plants and grass are still suffering the dry heat that we had for so long. It is 80° at 10 pm here and sure to be hotter tomorrow for Garden Walk Buffalo, but worth the tiring day.

  8. Pretty vinca bloom. It has been declare as weed here in down under. Hope the weather cools down there.

  9. Wow! Your spruce does look irritated!! I killed that kind of spruce twice before I quit trying!! I have one alive in a pot by my front door. My other blue spruce really are doing quite well with the weather (other than thte bagworm mishap). Maybe the location of yours is contributing to their stress?? Regardless, cooler weather will be coming soon now!! Looking forward to that.


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