Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The July Tour Is A Hot Tour

All the photos taken for the July tour were taken on July 4th.  I tried to get different areas at different times of the day to have the most light for each photo.
The front garden and forest are much the same as in June.  The back garden is really filling in and the vegetable garden and patio plants are growing a lot too.  The alley looks very bare, but I am working on putting self seeding annuals there when they finish in other areas of the garden in hopes that they will seed the area for next year.
The hot weather is keeping this gardener busy watering.  We really need some rain.  We got .10" Saturday night.  I've already used all that little rain put into the rain barrels.
The photos are back one post or use the link under Tour Garden on Sherlock Street in the right hand column where you can find several months of tours.


  1. The weather is horrendous. Glad you're keeping your garden watered though. Beautiful photos.~~Dee

  2. Hot weather isn't that bad----until the rain stops. Well, water, water, water! The place looks great!

  3. Thanks for the July tour. We're very dry also. I hope you can keep those vegetables going!

  4. We are watering constantly! I don't know how long we can keep it up. I will be doing more self seeding plants from now on also.
    Good luck keeping everything alive in this heat.

  5. Everything is filling in fast...looks great!

  6. I enjoyed the tour, but I'm glad I took it early this morning before it got too hot:) I seem to be spending more time watering than weeding these days, too. Love all your raised vegetable beds!

  7. Hi There, I can tell that you have spent many hours in your yard... NOW--hopefully, you can get a glass of iced tea or lemonade and relax on that patio for awhile.

    Where are you in Kansas? We went through your state on I-70..


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