Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Pretty Place To Sit

As much as I enjoy the garden, houseplants have a prominent place inside our home.  I've been thinking about getting another plant stand for the living room.  On Saturday, I found this beauty on sale.

The legs look like butterfly wings.

The top has flowers.  I realize that a plant on top will hide much of these flowers, but its still great having them there.

Which plant will get to sit on the pretty new stand?
 The arrowhead vine?

The spider plant and the family Christmas cactus already have nice stands.
The rubber plant needs to be on the floor.  It is almost as tall as me.
Maybe the Christmas cactus from our amazing gardening neighbor, the oxalis, the angel wing begonia or the aglaonema will sit on the new plant stand.

Well, I decided on the arrowhead vine (far right).
That frees up the CD cabinet for the angel wing begonia and the oxalis.

Hopefully, they will get better light than they did on the floor and grow better.


  1. Great stand but don't use too big of a pot and hide all of the top of the table.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. What a great table you found!

  3. A very pretty table -- and I love the butterfly legs-- so gardeny which makes the table PERFECT for a plant!

  4. What a pretty table! I would definitely pick a small enough pot so that everyone can see the top of the table, too.

  5. Very pretty find. I'd snatch it up too. I have zero house plants. Take care, Gina

  6. I LOVE the new stand! And the arrowhead plant was a good choice. Can you believe that those nasty grasshoppers ate EVERY leaf on my rubber tree??? I was mortified! Crazy instects. .thankfully the tree is starting to grow back new foliage!

  7. I really like your new plant stand. I'm sure the arrowhead vine will do wonderfully well on it.

  8. I love all things butterfly. I've never seen a table's base as pretty as this. I did once see an outdoor bench where the back was like a butterfly's wings.
    The plant will be lovely on the new stand.

  9. Beautiful table. I would use it as a table to reflect while sipping a glass of tea. It's too pretty to cover.

  10. Great find! (I think I've told you before how much I admire your success with houseplants!)

  11. Adorable table. I see you have lots of houseplants too, love that!

  12. Hi There, I do love that table... The Butterfly legs are incredible. Whatever plant you put on there will work fine and look great... It is good to get them off of the floor I think....


  13. Another treasure in your place! I really like the design.

  14. What a nice looking table. It can use in displaying flower pots.

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