Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Again And Again And Again And Again And Again

As I hunted squash bugs Tuesday evening, I watched the clouds do acrobatics.  The clouds looked so odd.  Eventually, this formed east of us.

As I took the camera back into the house, I checked the weather and discovered there was a lot of severe weather brewing to our west.  Soon after, a tornado warning was issued for us.  The area of rotation stayed north of our town.  I did not hear of a tornado reaching the ground but large hail was reported in several areas.  A downpour like we haven't seen in ages drenched us.  You can just barely hear the tornado sirens in the rain.

After the all clear was given, I surveyed the garden as it was still light out.  1.50" of rain in the gauge.  Full rain barrels, but no damage.

As we were going to bed, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for us.  This time, hail pounded.  I hate the sound of hail.  Most of the hail was small.  I could just see that my single surprise lily was broke.  You can just see the hail on the ground in the dark.

It was raining still when we went to sleep.

Around 2 am we were awoken by such a howling wind.  Another severe thunderstorm warning was issued.  The wind roared.  As it calmed a bit, we looked out the patio doors and could see one of our red bud trees was broken over.  We barely fell asleep and at almost 3:30 am, another severe thunderstorm warming was issued.  The worst of this storm passed south of us but we got our share of thunder, lightening and rain.

While I've seen a line of storm train over the same area for hours, I can't remember having separate storms do this.  Each one with such intensity too. 

I left for work at 5:30 am and we got more rain after I arrived at work.  I found 2.00" of rain in the gauge when I got home in the afternoon.

 I surveyed the garden.

The tomatoes, spaghetti squash and zucchini look rough.

The yellow squash plant was beautiful.  The cage tipped over.  I will try to right it later.

The cucumber and peppers have some broken stems but not bad.

How did the basil which is out in the open not have a single broken leaf?

The castor bean plants leaves are not looking very sexy today.

Here's my broken single surprise lily.

Since I saw this red bud tree laying over at the edge of the light from our patio, I was surprised to see it like this.

Looks like my wonderful husband had too much time before he had to be at work this morning.  It would need a much better splint job than this, but I don't even think this is a possibility.  I'm prepared for it to come out.

My WH and I looked at the tree closer after he got home from work.  It appears that part of the trunk was dead.  There is dry wood in the area it broke that also extends up the trunk a ways.  It looks like the tree may have been declining and the storm just sped up the process.  It will come out and we'll plan a replacement.
The zinnias are not looking very happy today.

 I am very grateful for the rain.  Sometimes, we must sacrifice some plants for the good of the garden in general.

Personal note:  I know I've posted occasionally this month, but I've hardly made the rounds to garden blogs.  I am hopeful to have my blogging time back soon.  My mom had back surgery August 1.  In addition to the nursing hospital stay, she is currently in rehab getting therapy to strengthen and to learn how to function once home.  Even though she is almost 80, she is really progressing well.  Since the hospital and rehab facility is in my town, I've been busy visiting her, updating my out of town siblings and getting things she's needed.  I haven't seen my mom this many days in a row since right after college when I lived at home while starting my first job and apartment hunting.  That part is nice.  Word is she should go home soon.  Dad will be happiest about that.  It's almost 61 years for them and they're best when they're together.

It looks like my mom will go home Thursday afternoon!!!


  1. What a mess. It couldn't just rain and give you some relief, it had to cause all this mess. Sorry and afraid that tree (?) is a goner with that kind of break. I guess it could have been that bad and no rain though. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. That was some weather night you had! Glad to read your Mom's recovering well.....take care.

  3. Seriously, I think my mouth was watering at the sound of your rain on your video. I want it to rain sooooo badly! Hope your mom has a speedy recovery.

  4. Glad to see that most of your gardens survived. Wicked weather is scary to me.

    Hope your Mom has a swift recovery and the place to heal nicest is home with your Dad, her other half for the past 61 years.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. Your husband did a pretty good job on that redbud tree. I'm not sure it will do the job, but it was nice of him to try. That was quite a series of storms you experienced. I'm glad storms like that are relatively rare.

  6. Glad you got some rain!! They had footage of the flooding last night on the news and I wondered how you would fare!! Have been praying for your mom's recovery this week, as well as strength for you and your dad!! Glad she will be home soon!!

  7. That looks really exciting. It's always the day after that's the scary part.

  8. Sorry to hear of so much damage and hoping some things pull out of it and perk up...

  9. Seems we can't just get a "normal" rain anymore. Sorry about all the damage-but happy you did get some much needed rain.
    Best to your mom-hope she has a speedy and complete recovery.

  10. I agree with Sue. The weather has been to extremes this year with all states hitting record highs. We had a bad storm this year that downed many street trees with winds our area rarely gets. It makes you wonder if this is the path of things to come. Your veggies came through the storms pretty well considering. I always dread going out to survey damage. Hope your mom is back home and getting healthy and mobile. 61 years is pretty remarkable. My parents were together their whole married life until my dad was taken at an early age of 62. Good luck and health to them both.

  11. Nice to have the rains but those storms whew!
    I hope your Mom and Dad are doing well all things considered and that she will be home soon.
    One can never assume that a person is just too busy for not visiting others blogs, we all have things that happen.


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