Monday, August 15, 2011

August, Different Than July

I took all the photos Sunday morning with the sun still rising and a light cloud cover.

I had been dreading August because July was sooooo hot and dry.  August is usually our hot, dry month.  I figured as bad as July was, August was going to be worse.  Now, I could have done with out the wind and hail damage from the storm last week.  However, we've got some decent rain and many plants are looking better.  Some vegetables don't have enough time to produce, but I've planted a few quick growing vegetables in  hopes of those harvests this fall.  You'll notice there is little color in the garden.  Flowers just didn't form in the heat and drought.  There is still time.  Hopefully, autumn will be more colorful.  I have hope that the self seeding annuals will still make seeds if frost doesn't come early this year.  The jury is still out on my gourd vines.  Those teepee trellises should be covered with vines by now, but the heat held everything back.  The cooler days have made being in the garden a joy again.  I'll wait until spring to see which perennials are truly gone, but I'm making some plans for new plantings including bulbs to go in this fall.  Since the soil is wet still, I got out there and attacked the weeds really well.  The alley really looks dead.  Hopefully, next spring it will be filled with wildflowers.  I put seeds from the spring blooming annuals out there as they finished, and have been acquiring other seeds from friends to add to the space.


  1. Not many flowers at Linderhof either -- and I, too, am hoping for a prettier fall!

  2. What a weird summer! We have a lot of color in the garden, but some of my perennials and shrubs started show growth only recently. Vegetables are late. Cool-weather pansies and green peas lasted til August - that is unusual.
    I hope your autumn will be good!

  3. I think it was just an over-all lousy year. THough I got the produce I need to get through the winter, nothing really THRIVED this year. It just "existed". I'm hoping next year is better. My nights are now in the low 40's so my time has just about run out....and I'm glad!
    Best of luck with your fall garden.Have a great week!

  4. So far in August it has been fantastic this year-no rain but cool temps. It must be Christmas in August for us all huh?

  5. I'm glad you finally got some rain for your thirsty plants. We have the opposite problem :(


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