Friday, August 5, 2011

I Did Plant This

My sweet friend who gave me the gomphrena seeds also gave me castor bean seeds.  None of my seeds sprouted even though I nicked them and soaked them and talked to them.  Nothing.  So, she bailed me out by bringing me one she got to sprout.  She has a jungle of these plants.

It has sexy leaves.

I'm hoping it will get big and produce the purple poofy pods and beans. 
Castor beans are poisonous.  They contain ricin.  But, I'm not planning to eat them.  Castor oil is also made from the beans and it is harmless.  Interesting.


  1. What a nice friend! Castor beans are so cool in the garden.

  2. They say they repel moles too. I've never tried them. I sure have moles!

  3. Hope it grows big and lush for you.

  4. I have to admit, it DOES have sexy leaves!! Who woulda thought...

  5. These are supposed to be detested by moles and voles but I can't get them to grow.
    They are quite sexy, you are right!

  6. Hmmm. .I am having a mole problem. .I'll have to look and see HOW they repel moles. .as I'm sure I wouldn't want to plant them ALL over my yard. Those leaves don't look bothered by the heat at all!

  7. Interesting leaves for an interesting plant!


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