Sunday, September 18, 2011

GonSS And WH Are Home

It was a dark and foggy night as Gardener on Sherlock Street and Wonderful Husband made their way home Saturday.

It had been an amazing adventure.  Many miles had been driven over mountains, across deserts, through tunnels, in busy cities and to remote villages.  At the main destination, they waded in a canyon river, biked through scenic lands and hiked to overlooks with amazing views.

The journey was coming to an end as they traveled lonely highways across plains, past quiet farmsteads and through sleepy country towns.  Family, friends, work and the garden were all awaiting their return.

Coming over a rise, they saw the lights of their city.  The colors were muted through the fog.  As they pulled into the drive on Sherlock Street, Gardener's eyes scanned the plants in the mist.  All looked upright and water drops glistened with the porch light.  A quick pace through the house brought her to the patio door where she peered out and was greeted with happy containers.  The vegetables and plants in the farther reaches of the garden would wait until morning for their inspection as the hour was late and both Gardener and Wonderful were happy to soon be sleeping in their own bed for the night.

Sunday morning revealed a nice rain shower had blessed the garden overnight.  All looked well.  Gardener watered the containers on the porch and patio.  She turned on the fountain to enjoy as they unpacked suitcases, washed dishes and did laundry.  Gardener will soon harvest tomatoes and peppers which grew and matured during her absence.

Garden on Sherlock Street will need some extra attention this week.  Gardener will be by to visit your garden soon!  A future post will share more of the adventures with photos.

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  1. Welcome home and glad you had a safe trip. Overnight rain on your garden was a real blessing! Looking forward to more details and photos!

  2. Welcome back! And isn't it always nice to come home to vegetables ready to be picked. Enjoy!

  3. Welcome home Miss Gardener! Detail and photographs, pleaseeeeeeeee!!

  4. I do the same thing when I return from a trip. Take a look around the garden and see what's changed.
    Sounds like a great vacation!

  5. Welcome back! It sounds like a lovely journey and break was had by you and hubby. Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Welcome home. I look forward to "catching up" with you :)

  7. Glad you made it back safely. .and hopefully refreshed and ready to return to the grind!!


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