Monday, September 12, 2011

Purple Pod

The flower tower was planted this spring in hopes of a beautiful display of white bacopa intertwined with purple hyacinth bean vine.  The heat did in most of the bacopa and really held the purple hyacinth bean vine back.

I disassembled the flower tower.  The one surviving bacopa is doing well by the front steps.  The purple hyacinth bean vine container was put on the back patio where it is now blooming!

The flowers smell so sweet.

There is one small pod.  Hoping for more.


  1. Ah, the blooms ARE pretty. I wouldn't know. Mine got frosted out. Glad I am able to enjoy yours!

  2. Good Morning! Beautiful pictures as always. These are the sweetest little blooms! Hope you enjoy your Monday.

  3. This year has been the pits, especially on vines. My Clematis looks dead. Your vines atleast look alive. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I had one hyacinth vine that lived, and, like yours, was quite stunted. I haven't noticed it growing much, but gave up on checking it regularly. You have provoked me to go follow up on its condition! Hoping you are having a GREAT week!!

  5. It's funny how just shaking something up a bit can kick life back into it. Can I have some of that glorious sunshine please?

  6. Drought has severely affected many plants in the gardens this year. But, the weather has turned nicely cool lately! :-)

  7. I tried growing that bean one year and it took over my lattice like a morning glory on steroids!!

  8. I planted some hyacinth bean vine seeds this year for the first time, and I now have a monster! Of course, I didn't think one or two seeds would be enough, so I may have gotten a little carried away:) But I love the purple pods it's produced. Now that yours has room to grow, it may really take off.


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