Saturday, October 15, 2011

Put Up 2011

Put Up

Produce consumed while standing in the garden, eaten soon after harvest, given to family and friends (unless it is given to them after it's "put up") or saved as seed is not included in this list.

In The Cupboard or Root Cellar*

garlic, bulbs

onion, red burgundy
whole, 6

onion, sweet spanish yellow utah jumbo
whole, 17

squash, small wonder hybrid
12-4 whose seeds sprouted

In The Freezer

basil, sweet,
pureed, 14 cubes

parsley, aromatico a costa rossa
2 quart logs

pea, edible pod: sugar bon
1/3 gallon bag

pea, shelling types: little marvel (dwarf)
1 1/4 cups in Tupperware

pea, snow peas: melting sugar
1/3 gallon bag

pepper-green/red, chopped
12 pint bags

pepper-jalepeno, chopped
1 cup

pepper-jalepeno, rings
1 cup

tomato, diced
10 pint bag

vegetable stock
13 cups

*Root Cellar: a tray lined with newspapers in the guest room

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