Monday, October 17, 2011

Adding To The Plant Collection

Earlier this year, my aloe vera plant gave it up.  Don't know why.  It didn't transition well from the house to the garden.

My mom gave me some starts from her aloe vera plants.

Yes, the pot on the left has a crack.  I can't seem to let a pot go until it just won't hold soil anymore.


  1. I haven't owned an aloe vera for years. I keep thinking I will find someone to get a start. Eventually I will see on on a cheap sale at a Building supply store.

  2. I have not picked a starter yet to replace the one I lost last year. I like to keep it on hand for medicinal purposes. Put it on a burn immediately and it won't blister. I also put it on bug bites. I've heard people who use it on their face and even their hair. I hear ya on the pots. I am the same way.

  3. I don't know much about growing aloe vera, but I do know how good it is to have in case of burns and such. I'm like you, if it can hold dirt, he stays! Then if it really gets cracky and breaks, it goes into the bottom of another pot to help with drainage.



  4. I have a HUGE aloe plant. .I never remember to use it on burns though!! Have you got all your plants inside?? They've dropped our low to possible 34 degrees Tues night. Blech!

  5. The pot may be cracked, but it looks as if the plant is doing very well.

  6. For some reason, I've never grown aloe. I may have to pick a plant up for myself one of these days.

    In Mobile, it grew outside all year and even flowered. I was so surprised the first time I saw it in a garden there!


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