Friday, October 21, 2011

Bringing The Garden Inside

While we only got a light frost Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I think I am done bringing in plants for the season.  Most of the plants will live on the plant stand in the family room.  I put the fern from my friend in one of the bathrooms to give it some humidity, and the ice plants are living in a window where they did quite well last year.  Here is the list of plants I will try to overwinter:

2 aloe vera

1 amaryllis

3 asparagus ferns

2 bacopa cuttings

1 cacti

1 fern

10 geraniums

hornwort in bucket

2 ice plants

4 impatien cuttings

1 Jacob's coat

2 Jacob's coat cuttings

1 mother-in-law's tongue

1 rosemary

snails in bucket

8 sweet potato vine cuttings

2 vinca cuttings

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  1. You have a nice start for next spring!

  2. Best wishes with the over-wintering. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  3. Let me know how the rosemary does -- it is the most tempermental of houseplants! We don't have enough room for many but I like the fall/spring ritual of houseplants in and houseplants out!

    Good luck with yours!

  4. Good luck with all your inside plants. I really don't have a good place to bring any inside and when I've tried to keep inside plants they don't really survive. I have given in to the fake plants if I want plants inside the house. They can't be killed and always look nice. :0)

  5. I am glad you got your plants in. You have a good setup for them and I hope they over winter good for you. I had to run out and grab in the last of mine yesterday. I think I am done now and the rest will just be a goner. There is just so much room isn't there. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You're going to be busy with all those plants. I hate that part of gardening-bringing them in. I'm almost done and the greenhouse is up and running-though it seems early. I just love the buttery yellow color of your walls. It looks so good against the woodwork.

  7. Good Luck over-wintering them! Last winter I kept some sweet potato vine cuttings indoor as well.

  8. I grow rosemary and geraniums in pots they do quite well moving outside every spring then back inside every fall. I let the geraniums go dormant. Keep watering the rosemary if you let it get too dry it will die. It needs to be watered, until excess drips out the bottom of the pot, every week.

  9. Wow. That'll be a great start in the spring, and bring a welcome bit of greenery into the house over the winter.

    I've moved my porch plants into our back workshop - we keep it about 50 and they have great light there (south and west exposure), so it seems to work well. However, I don't have anywhere near the array of plants that you do - basically just some coleus, geraniums, a pot of rain lilies, and a jade plant or two this year. Greg's wanting to try some cool season vegetables (lettuce, spinach, etc.) but so far we're talking and thinking, not doing.

  10. They look nice and snug, ready to spend the winter inside.


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