Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bulbs To Plant

Each year, I try to add some flowering bulbs to the garden.  This year's list is smaller than some.

I picked up some different red tulips for the bed by the remaining red bud tree.

A few daffodils to add to the front shrub bed.

I don't let the garlic flower, but here are the bulbs I saved to plant for next year's crop.

I also got a large purple allium bulb to replace one that apparently disappeared from the bed under the living room window, and some allium moly bulbs to plant along the patio in the back garden.


  1. So exciting to get new bulbs. I have got to get mine done in the next 2 wks. Can't wait to see them in the spring.

  2. My bulb eyes are often bigger than my digging arm!!! I cut down this year but although fewer they are better -- some scented daffodils which do so well here and some little tete a tetes.

    I don't do many tulips -- they are a two or three year thing down here and I'd rather put it into daffs andhyacinths.

    But I did get some English bluebells -- we saw them this spring in England and I fell in love -- hope they like the prairie!

  3. This is a good reminder for me to buy some new bulbs. My only problem is finding the space to put them. I often mistakenly end up digging up old ones. Thanks again for the reminder. Have fun planting.

  4. If anyone can get those bulbs to grow up to be beauties, it's you!!

  5. We also usually get some bulbs to freshen are flower beds by replacing plants that didn't make it earlier this year. An order arrived today, so I guess I'll be busy for the next couple of days.

  6. I ordered a giant allium as well this year. .I'm pretty excited about it, cause I have never tried growing them, nor have I ever seen them in bloom around here. .hoping they do ok!

  7. They are going to be beautiful!

  8. I haven't planted any new bulbs this year. I think I'll hold off on that for another year, then I'll have to replant all the tulips. They just don't seem to last more than a couple years. I always thought they were long term bulbs but maybe the new hybrids don't last that long.

    Of course the Iris just seem to multiply every year so next year will be a year to divide and conquer them as well.

    I want to plant berry bushes, but I don't quite own the property where they will be planted just yet.

    Have a great day in the flower garden.

  9. Garlic! Yay! We're going to do it for the first time this year -- we actually went to a nearby Garlic Festival (no, they didn't elect us King and Queen, though we were eminently qualified!) to get local bulbs to plant. Can't wait!

    I loved the disappearing allium! I could just see Bugs Bunny underneath pulling it down into the earth (fooomp!)...

  10. You are going to have some beautiful new blooms next Spring. I love the reds.

  11. Hi There, YES---I'll get to the 'arches' photos sometime... I have plenty!!!!!

    Two of my favorite perennials are tulips and daffodils... Can't wait to see yours next spring...



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