Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cultivating Deeply

since they weren't going to dig in the new fiber lines for our internet and TV?  Well,  apparently, it was deemed necessary to put the new fiber underground for us and a few of our nearby neighbors.  

They bored under everything in our garden to the house where they dug a hole and pulled the fiber up.  Just like our phone company did last year.  However, they dug much bigger holes in the alley this year.  I was surprised to see this parked out back.

This is the boring machine going under the whole garden to the house.

Here is where they drilled the line to.  This is a bigger hole by the house than I was expecting.  The bouncing betties will have to spread to fill in next year.  Tip:  don't plant anything you can't sacrifice or that won't recover beside the place where your utilities come out of the ground.

Fiber line waiting for the box installers.

This process was done over a week's time.

As for the alley, I'm just going to look at it as free cultivation for the seeds I'm collecting to plant out there next spring.  Sigh.  I'm really glad I decided against making a bed for the asparagus in the alley.

The guys working on our fiber were very friendly, let me take photos and talked gardening with me.  One guy in particular told me, "I really like your back yard."  They did all they could to not disrupt anything more than necessary.


  1. I'm at least glad that the guys doing the work were nice and acknowledged your pretty yard and talked with you. Hopefully the bouncing betties will recover nicely. Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday.

  2. I guess that is always the hazard of a gardener!! Glad they didn't have to do to much damage!

  3. lol...When our cable company put in the wires to our house it took just under an hour. But then the main lines run under the road and they only make a shabby job of barely butying the cable through the garden. It looks like they do a proper job over there.

  4. Glad they did as little disruption as possible. I do worry about that with my plantings!

  5. So sorry for the upheaval in your yard.

    Maybe chop up some leaves and mulch where the bare dirt is? At least it will look more like a waiting garden bed then.

    So glad they did their best to minimize disruption for your yard, though. Can you imagine the mess if they'd felt it necessary to trench through the entire way?

  6. That's great advice. I'm sorry you had to deal with that mess. That stuff drives me nuts. But it's true about the plants...only plant what you won't mind sacrificing. Hopefully there won't be a lot of disruption for you. At least they're doing it now when things are winding down.


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