Friday, October 7, 2011

I Have A Fern

A friend of mine was given a fern by a friend of hers.  She planted it in the ground and it grew huge over the summer.  She was told it would not survive outside during the winter.  Since she wasn't going to bring it her house for the winter, she offered it to me.  This is a small piece of the fern.  Like one twentieth of the original plant.

I put it in a pot and brought it inside.  I have no idea what type of fern it is, what kind of light it prefers, does it need to stay moist or let dry out, etc.

Here's a close up of the leaves.

Any advice?????


  1. It is so very pretty - it must have really been huge! We had many ferns that grew in the woods around our last house. Most just received dappled sun.
    Only once did I have ferns in hanging baskets; they did well with morning sun and damp soil.

    Best wishes and enjoy your weekend.

  2. Gosh---I don't know my ferns --but I do know that I like them. I also know that I can't keep them alive in winter, no matter what I do. I finally gave up... Hope it works better for you...

    Keep us posted.

  3. I would give it filtered sun, very good drainage with the soil a little on the dry side. My redneck two cents worth.

  4. Maybe a Kimberly or Boston fern. I am leaning to Kimberly. They are sold in the spring next to the Boston ferns in big box stores. They surely will die outside in the winter. I store my ferns under my house in the crawlspace. They stay green all winter. I occasionally check to give it some water around January. Dividing them is easy and fun. Sometimes you can find potato like nodules on the roots; which I believe are nitrogen fixing nodules. These are great summertime plants. Most people throw theirs away after summer but they are easy to keep. The key is to not let them get too crowded and to divide every other year and replenish with fresh soil and fertilizer. That's a nice friend to offer it to you.

  5. No advice re. indoor grooming. The fern I plant outside spread like crazy. They're not too pretty right now but will be up with a vengeance next spring!

    Enjoy yours. It think fern in general are very calming and cool looking.

  6. I can't believe the mother plant was so huge! We have different types of ferns here. Our native sword fern stays green through the winter. Others can't stand cold weather, but they seed, and I have baby ferns from them. I don't remember having ferns inside, but I would keep it further from the heating vents and direct sun. I'd guess it likes spraying. OK, enough guessing - I found my houseplants book. 'Good indirect light, compost needs to be moist all the time (reduce watering in winter), mist fronds regularly'. Good luck!

  7. Have never had good luck with ferns. .and mine were always dry. I always thought they were supposed to be kept moist. .and that was my problem! Good luck with that :-) I'm afraid the advice you are finding here isn't matching up well! Keep us posted

  8. Gosh it looks so much like the huge native ferns here. I would give it filtered window light and mist it often. I found out the hard way that indoor ferns need moisture and often!


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