Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Late Asters

Ever since I planted the asters in the garden, they have bloomed by mid September.  Always.

When we returned from our vacation, I expected to find the asters blooming their little hearts out.  No.

The asters finally started blooming last week.  In October.  Odd.

I guess they waited to give these butterflies some flowers.


  1. We have had an odd year here in NJ with bloom times as well. Not sure why, maybe all of the rain? Great pics!

  2. It has been an unusual blooming season for many flowers! I'm happy the butterflies are enjoying these. Pretty pictures!

  3. A late surprise is ever so nice. Those monarchs are loving them for sure.

  4. You've got monarchs!!! That's awesome. The gardens are way off this year because of this bizarre past winter. In Tucson, everything is about a month behind what it should be. But at least most of the plants did recover. Very scary winter. Hope we don't have a repeat next year.

  5. Yup, same here in Nebraska. It was a crazy bipolar weather year. It started with cold and wet then snapped into hot and dry. The poor plants didn't know what to do so they did nothing until August when the weather cooled down. Tomatoes were small and late, green peppers didn't produce until August, and the cucumbers well they just up and died. I haven't dug up the potatoes yet but from the two plants I harvested, it looks pretty bad. I have hopes that next year will make up for this year. It's just normal to have a bad gardening year on occasion.

    Have a great fall garden day.

  6. My asters bloomed too! yay. .I saw two more monarchs this evening here! They'll all be gone soon.

  7. Such lovely flowers. I think they were waiting for you to come home :)

  8. I also think they were waiting for you to get home. But I agree that it has been an odd year. We've had iris blooming since May.

  9. Gorgeous Asters... Isn't it strange how things bloom at different times of the year sometimes???? Guess it all depends upon the weather (dry/wet/temperatures, etc.)....

    Whatever ----I do like seeing your Asters in OCTOBER.


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