Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Lawn Gives A Gift

Since we had such a nice soaking rain last weekend, I scanned our small front lawn for weeds.  Imagine my surprise when I found small white flowers.

They're in there.  In the bermuda grass that is going to sleep.  See them?

Here's a closer view.

They look like some type of aster.

I don't know how they found their way to the lawn, but I rescued them.

It was easy to dig them out of the rain soaked soil.

I found them new homes.  Some in the front shrub bed and others in the alley where I'm hoping to get a mix of wildflowers growing.


  1. What a beautiful and wonderful gift! They are so dainty looking, so happy you moved them to a safe place so they can grow and flourish!

  2. I'm not sure what those are. Look like a Daisy but very tiny.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

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  4. I'm learning so much about asters this year. I had such a preconceived notion of them... Hope these perform wonderfully for you!

  5. ground asters. I used to know how to kill them. lol.

  6. Hi Sherlock,
    You quite obviously are someone with that special something regarding plants. Where have you put them?

  7. Sorry about that, by where did you put them, I meant can we have a picture? Early in the morning over here so brain not in gear.

  8. Such a nice little find. I have saved 'weeds' like that too. I am sure they were 'appreciative.'

  9. Teeny Tiny Asters in the Bermuda grass? They must be tough little flowers as I didn't think anything could compete with Bermuda grass. They do kind of look like Daisies too. I once decided to allow wild African Violets in a certain corner of the yard but they were not happy just staying there. Now I fight with those little buggers every year in the lawn. My second unwise rescue was wild strawberry. I thought I'd been blessed with strawberries from a neighbors strawberry patch but soon found out they will try to take over the entire yard so I battle them every year as well. How can things that look so cute turn out to be so obnoxious? Any way, I hope this is not one of those kinds of plants that want to take over the world.

    Have a great plant rescue day.

  10. HA! Cami was picking those all over our yard too. .I noted that they got a little taller at the edge of the drive where we don't around 12-18 inches tall, the ones in our yard are very short too. .I don't believe I've ever seen them before. .for sure not in the grass, but I didn't recall them in abundance along the drive and ditches either!

  11. They look like mowed heath asters to me, Aster ericoides. This is a nice wildflower, although the general species can be a little...scraggly looking in a garden setting. The Snow Flurry aster (that I posted about a week or so ago) is an Aster ericoides selection.

    I'd say give them a try and see how they do in your soil; if you like them, keep them. If you don't pull them out. They shouldn't be at all "invasive" or problematic, in my experience. Most asters will easily handle cutting back in spring and early summer to help them bush out too.

  12. ~Gaia Gardener
    Thank you for the plant identification. The places that I planted them can handle a little spreading. Obviously, these got mowed all summer. I think I will trim them some to keep the low grow appearance.


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