Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainy October Tour

The October tour photos were taken while it was raining.  A light rain.  Very unusual to take them in the rain.  We usually get our moisture during thunderstorms or blizzards.  A day of light rain is not common.  As I finished the photos, the rain started coming down harder making it was a great day to sit inside at the computer working the photos while listening to the rain.  I took these Saturday morning.  It continued to rain off and on through most of Sunday.  We received 1.15" of rain.  To get that much in a slow soaking manner is such a gift.  Just what we needed after a hot week with wind.

You'll notice in the back garden that we have flags marking our phone and gas lines again this fall.  Not having work done like last fall, but a local phone/internet company is working in town so the utilities are marking every line they have access to.  Apparently, not having a back fence made our garden accessible because while they marked a neighbor's yard where they have no fence, all the fenced yards down the alley were spared the markers on their properties.  

The vegetable garden is really waning.  I am harvesting peppers on a regular basis and some tomatoes still, but it's time to start putting it to bed.

All of the plants I plan to overwinter have been brought indoors.  I will take some cuttings before we frost this fall of the sweet potato vines and impatiens.  In the mean time, the patio containers are looking good with the cooler days.

I want to mulch our "unloading area" in the alley.  Then next year, I hope to get a lot of wildflowers going out there.  That will really make it look better.

The tour is one post back or you can find it in the pages in the right hand column.  Hope you enjoy the rainy tour.


  1. Glad you had a lovely quiet, gentle rain.

    Hope your week is a great one.


  2. I love rain. Glad you got some. Sounds like it would have been a nice day to hang inside the house and read. I like the fountain grass. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Glad you got a slow soaking rain. Your grass in the picture looks so pretty. Makes a lovely Fall color.


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