Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two Became Six

We have six solar lights at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Three along the front walkway and three at different points off the back patio.  They've been here for a number of years and are holding up pretty well.  I leave them out all year in all weather.

Recently, one of the back solar lights died.  I did all the tricks--replaced the AA rechargeable battery, cleaned out the spider webs, made sure it was making contact, made sure it was getting sun during the day, etc.  Since I was also wanting another solar light by the stepping stones off the back patio, I headed to the store to purchase two solar lights.

The solar lights you can buy individually are inexpensive but do not use replaceable AA rechargeable batteries.

The boxed sets of four solar lights are $29.99.  The boxed sets of six solar lights are $19.99.  Each boxed set uses replaceable AA rechargeable batteries.  Eventually, rechargeable batteries stop taking a charge.  They stop taking a charge long before the charger stops working.

Four in the sleek new style and finish that cost more or six in the basic old style and finish that cost less?

That is how two became six.

I put together the lights and did a little rearranging.


I took out the three old solar lights by the front walkway and put in five new solar lights.

The other new solar light went at the end of the sidewalk to our trash container area.  The remaining five old solar lights took their places off the patio.

We now have more solar lights at GonSS.


  1. I have had such a difficult time with solar lighting but I think it is all about living in a really cloudy climate. During the summer I've had an easier time though and I have become really fond of the IKEA solar line. I have a hanging lamp with a pull on it that turns it on and off and I adore it!

  2. I bought a bunch of cheapies. They shine brightly and better than the more expensive ones that slowly dying.

    By the way, your buterfly post was amazing! I just didn't take the time to comment...

  3. I love these! We've never had much luck with these here.

  4. And I'm guilty of buying them FOUR years ago, and they're still in the box out in the shed. I MUST remember to get them set up. I think they're so neat!

  5. I have been thinking of investing in solar lights so this is good to know. Thanks!



  6. These things stop working on me fairly quick.
    Maybe I should try the cheapest ones.
    One of our projects when we get back home is the backyard. Needs a couple paths, landscaping and gazebo. So I am sure some solar will be on the list.

  7. Very pretty effect from the lights. Our lights have been in the ground for more than a few years and it is time to replace them, I need a sale!


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