Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Wren?

I need help identifying this little bird.  He is so cute.  We have a handful of them in the garden.  They're busy, busy eating bugs.  This one came up on the patio a lot while it was raining this morning.  It looks like a wren but I don't know more than that.


  1. The wrens should be gone from here by now. I saw a dark eyed junco a few weeks ago here. .which is what you have there. They are winter residents around here. Near as I could tell last year, they were here till sometime in April. .and I have never really paid attention to when they actually come back. I was surprised to see them already. They are ground feeders, and mine always flock beneath my sunflower feeders for bites of food. They are one of my favorites!! Enjoy them!!

  2. I've had both Juncos and Wrens at the old house and both are very comical to watch. The wrens love to sing and love to get into the garage to build a nest in an old straw hat or such!
    The juncos returned each year to build a nest on the underneath side of our deck.
    Hope you have a very nice week. We are finally expecting to receive rain!!!

  3. That is one cute little bird. It appears that Melanie nailed it above. A junco. SO adorable.



  4. Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
    Smuk lille fugl, men jeg kan ikke hjælpe.
    Tak for kigget.

  5. The really does look like a wren. The body and beak shape look just like the Carolina wrens we see here. The coloration is a bit different though. It may be another type of wren other than Carolina.

  6. Poster above you mean this is a wren not the junco?! We don't have many birds in our yard, we have hunter cats instead (the neighbors have long tailed varmints our cats keep them out of our yard). Now that the rains have come we have more birds as the cats spend less time outside.
    Love the birds.

  7. I've been checking out the suggestions and found the bird search feature at Audubon.

    Does anyone else think it looks like a Carolina Wren?

  8. I think it's definitely a wren, but I'm not sure which one. With the eyestripe, it certainly could be Carolina, but the color looks too gray. My first thought was winter wren, both due to the color and due to the extremely short tail - but both could be artifacts of the lighting and pose of the bird in the photo.

    Carolina wrens are distinctly rusty brown.

    Another possibility is a Bewick's wren, which also has an eyestripe. Is the bird still around?


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