Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Edibles Plan

I have put together the list of edibles I hope to grow at Garden on Sherlock Street this year.  I've added a few new things, but we try to stick with varieties we like when they do well here.  That's why I'm keeping a list now.  I used to just go with whatever variety of seeds I could find each year. Now, I search for what we want.  



snap: contender (bush)
--This year, I plan to plant them in more than one location to head off problems like spider mites that finished off the plants last year.

red cored chantenay
scarlet nantes
--My wonderful husband loves carrots.

slicers: marketmore 76
slicers: white wonder

--I planted this last October.  I haven't seen any sprouts yet which is unusual.

early white vienna
purple vienna

leaf: grand rapids tipburn resistant
leaf: salad bowl [Saved from 2010]
leaf: black seeded simpson
leaf: red salad bowl
romaine: forellenschluss (speckled trout)
--This is new for GonSS.
romaine: parris island cos

melon, muskmelon
hales best jumbo

melon, watermelon
??? [from Mom & Dad]

onion sets
--Will go with what I find locally.


shelling types: little marvel (dwarf)
snow peas: melting sugar

bell: buy starter plants
jalapeno: buy starter plant

large: jack-o-lantern

multi-colored: french breakfast
multi-colored: sparkler
--This is new for GonSS. 
red: cherry belle


squash, summer
early prolific straightneck
black beauty (zucchini)
early white bush scallop
--This is new for GonSS. 

squash, winter
early acorn hybrid
small wonder hybrid

plum/roma type: buy starter plants
grape/cherry type: buy starter plants (saved tag from 2010)

----- Perennials -----

            jersey knight
            --This is new for GonSS.


          --The heat last year killed off a lot of the plants.  It will be a small berry crop this year.

----- Extras -----
I have seeds for the following but am not worried about purchasing more.  The broccoli raab was fine but we didn't enjoy it enough to give up the space to grow it again.  While I like cilantro my WH doesn't really care for it.  Snow peas and shelling peas should cover our needs.  So, I'll let the edible pod peas off the list.  These may get planted, but not in the prime garden space;or I'll donate the seeds to our church's garden which distributes the produce at our food pantry.  I need to talk to the garden organizer.

            broccoli raab *

            cilantro/coriander *

            edible pod: sugar bon


  1. I'm trying the Sparkler radish this year too for the first time. I've always enjoyed Cherry Belle and French Breakfast....but sometimes it's nice to try something new too. I got the seeds free with an order. We'll see.......

  2. I noticed garlic shoots from some of the cloves about 3 weeks ago or so. Yesterday, I noted many more shoots. .but still not from every clove. We've had VERY warm weather. .I hope yours sprout. .I can NOT imagine why they wouldn't? It will soon be seed starting time around here. .maybe even as early as this weekend to get a good start on things!! I should make a list like yours. .I have been through my box of seeds twice checking. .and I'll still probably end up with doubles of something!!

  3. I really like the illustration that you posted. It is time to plan and dream for the garden in spring. You have some good choices.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your list. I love the fragrance of sweet basil. I get hungry just thinking about some of these foods! How wonderful that you can donate seeds to the church garden.


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