Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Tour 2012

Front Garden


Back Garden

Side Garden

Vegetable Garden




  1. Great pictures. I remember when we had a lot of flower beds, I would just stand and dream of how everything would look in spring/summer. You have a lovely home and yard.

  2. It looks so nice and tidy. But your garden looks really great in the summer. What I love about both seasons at your place is the contrast between winter, spring and summer. There was a video you did awhile back with really nice grasshopper sounds in the background while you were taking us through another part of your yard. Did the city ever fix that line? Was it electric or sewage? I remember you mentioning something about putting plants in the area that can easily be taken out due people needing to get into an area at times. Plus your winter spring prepping is great. I'm trying something that you did last year, but with herbs. I'm getting them started inside for later transplant outside. We'll see if it works. Sorry for the lengthy comment, but all those things just came into my head right now:) Now you need some snow for that window. I don't remember if you've mentioned this but do you have birdfeeders for your backyard. Do you have a birdbath?

  3. ~Rohrerbot
    I enjoy all the seasons too. It is fun now that I have all the photos to flip through them on the computer and watch everything grow and fade.
    The line was cable/phone and it is in the ground. Not hooked up in the house yet but that is a different crew. I have bird baths. In the winter, I really only take care of the one on the patio on top of the black tub I use for the fountain during the summer. In the summer, I have four filled. As for the bird feeders, I always keep suet in the cage. I fill the others with black sunflower seeds on the weekends mostly when we'll be able to enjoy the birds from our table. I only put out the hummingbird nectar in the fall while they're migrating through here.
    Thanks for visiting. I'm starting to make gardening plans for this spring.

  4. Thanks for sharing your gardens. Question: What do you grow in the galvanized cans? I like the idea.

    1. I like to grow vining annuals in them mostly. They spill down around other containers that I sit in front of them. They are heavy so they won't blow away and I can leave them out year round.

  5. You did a much better job with autumn cleanup than I did -- I'm still trying to get everything tidied up before Spring arrives.

  6. Looks like a blank slate ready to take form come spring. May the rest of winter go by quickly!


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