Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Good Use Of A Warm January Afternoon

While we had a little cold front over the weekend, we're enjoying a few mild January days again before the next predicted cold blast comes (Wednesday).  In anticipation of our annual tree pruning, I made good use of a warm afternoon and gathered the garden tools that need a little sharpening.

Mostly, pruners in the group.  My wonderful husband handles heavy duty sharpening on shovels and such.  He usually uses a metal file for them.  I use a stone with a little honing oil on the pruners and even on a couple of my favorite hoes.  Now, if the hoes had a big notch or something, they'd go to the file first.

I put a couple drops of the oil on the stone and then rub it in one direction only along the cutting edge of the tool.  Sometimes, it doesn't seem like much is happening, but the shiny edge that appears tells you it is working.  

Getting a little edge on things makes such a difference.  There are tons of online tutorials for how to sharpen different types of tools.  Sharp tools make the job so much easier.  A little time with a stone or file can save you a lot of effort later. It's a great little winter project for a warm day.  Daydreaming about all the flowers I'm going to cut for arrangements this summer while sharpening the hand pruners is fun too!


  1. *** Getting a little edge on things makes such a difference ***

    It's that way with all of life.

    Having tools that do what they are supposed to is wonderful.

    Enjoy getting ready for spring.


  2. What a gift to have a day mild enough for this important chore. I know you are happy daydreaming of spring's flowers/shrubs.

    We are fortunate to have a very conscientious yard helper and he trimmed our pampas grass today and relocated a gardenia bush.

    We were near 70 today and we've had several days of light, steady rain.

  3. I need to do the same thing, add a little edge to my life. Happy New year to you.

  4. I always let the guys at the farm sharpen my tools. They are quite insistent that I care for them so they took it onto themselves to keep my clippers sharp and shiny. Not too bad, huh? You are having a cold front and we are predicted to be in the low 50's on Wednesday. I feel like I am imagining this sunny weather we have been having. Nice, but strange...

  5. Yep, need to show this post to my husband, our tools could use a good cleaning/sharpening.

  6. The warm weather has been phenomenal, huh?? We are loving every minute of it. I hadn't realized how much I missed the outdoors until last week when I took a garden stroll. .such a pick me up for the soul!!

  7. Thanks for the tips here - I really need to sharpen my hand pruners! Great thing to do on one of those warm winter days we've been having.


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