Monday, February 6, 2012

2012's Winter Sown Seeds

I took advantage of a warm afternoon last week to winter sow some seeds.

I saved milk jugs cutting them in half with an area still attached by the handle.

I also saved a plastic container we got to take home some food from a restaurant.  The clear lid makes it a great winter sow container.

I planted chocolate flower, false sunflower and gardillia.  These were seeds I saved from last year or got from a friend. 

A little dirt on top of the seeds and a good watering.  All done outside so I don't have the mess in my kitchen like last year.

The containers have drainage holes on the bottom and ventilation on the top.  I taped the milk jugs back together.

The ribbon on this milk jug is to mark it as the one with the gardillia.  Last year, all my writing with a permanent marker came off with one snow fall.

I taped the lid of the take out container on too.  This container has the false sunflower.

The containers will sit outside between the raised vegetable beds.  I'll check them occasionally to make sure they have moisture.  Otherwise, a little cold, a little sun and a little time should sprout the seeds.

I also sprinkled some lettuce seeds in one corner of a raised vegetable bed.  I'm inspired by Sue at A Corner Garden to put out some lettuce seed early.  She says it will come up when it is warm enough.


  1. It's always nice to sneak in a little gardening on a warm day, isn't it? I love winter sowing--usually by the time we get home in April, some of the tougher plants are already poking up. Good luck with all your seedlings and keep us posted on the lettuce!

  2. Hah! You beat me to the punch (or post)! I just put out my containers a week or so ago and was drafting a post about it! This will be our first time with that -- I will check out the direct sow lettuce seeds -- Bill is very interested in getting some of that going soon. Thanks!

  3. Good job...Sue is correct about the lettuce

  4. That's a good idea to use a ribbon. My writing came off the first ones right away. .but I had to chuckle when I realized that I had used a dry erase marker that happened to land in my greenhouse. I sowed a few more things this weekend too. I sure hope they all come up. .or at least some of them come up :-)We had a great rain. .about 1.70 at our house last week. .maybe a little snow tomorrow! Have a great week.

  5. Great job. You remind me of things I need to get done. I was going to start violet leaves a month ago. I usually start my tomato plants too early in the year. I like to find recycle things to start plants in also.

  6. I've always found it to be wonderful therapy to start sowing seeds for the garden. I really like the containers you've made.

  7. I, too, love that you are using these "recycled" containers for seeds. I love this time of the year!

  8. Saving your own seeds is fun isn't it. We are in zone 7b now. Planted lettuce 2 weeks ago it is sprouting nicely. I don't see why you shouldn't give it a go? Got some clear plastic cover it to warm the seeds a bit.

  9. I just winter sowed too! Haven't been able to post about it yet. It's my first time trying it and I'm really hoping it works. I used milk jugs, like you. Thanks for the tip about marker washing off with the snow! I marked onto duct tape, but I think I should have a back-up plan!


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