Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Crazy Number Of Bulbs In The Database

Putting all the bulbs planted at Garden on Sherlock Street in the Plant Database was an interesting project.  Some were super easy like the three different types of red tulips I planted last fall in the red bed. I have the tags, know when they were planted and exactly where.  The front garden was the biggest challenge.  So many daffodils planted in so many different years.  I just made a note for each section which has daffodils and clipped all the tags together.  Some of my tags are for bulbs I haven't seen bloom in years.  I searched my maps for their supposed locations.  If I don't see them this spring, off the list they'll go.  Making this database is kind of like spring cleaning.  I'm getting my plant tags and maps in order.  I'll know where I have space to put new plants!


  1. Good Morning! I admire your record keeping ability. At our last home, I started out with a plan, but as plants multiplied and I moved them to new locations, I failed to keep up with the changes! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. You are really serious about keeping track of what plants are where this year. Aren't you? I have a great program for my garden beds but none for the flowers. My main focus is on the garden and not pretty flower things around the yard. Perhaps I should pay a little more attention to the other than vegetable plants in the yard. My flower gardens are all perennials and take care of themselves. Other than clean up the spent flowers during the year and foliage in the spring, they are on their own. I've found that the hybrid tulips really don't last more than a couple good years then replacement is needed. Ah, well, maybe if I took care of them a little better they might last a little longer. :0)

    Have a great plant record recording day.


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