Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anxious To Move Back Outside

Last fall, I moved several plants into the house in hopes of keeping them alive to return to the garden in the spring.  My list of what I overwintered including what perished is one post back.

Here are the survivors.

Autumn Joy Sedum cuttings.
OK, these didn't overwinter.  I brought them in a few weeks back to start some roots.  I'll plant them outside where I'm wanting more of these sedums soon.  They are inside waiting to go to the garden.  They even have roots already.  See them?

ice plant

A nice collection of geraniums.

A scrawny amaryllis, the rosemary, Jacob's coat plants for containers and two aloe veras that I got from my mom last fall.

asparagus ferns

The fern from my neighbor.  It looks really sad, but is still putting out new shoots.  It'll be happier once it moves back outside.

The mother-in-law's tongue and a little cacti.

Easter tree

Wait a minute.  I didn't overwinter an Easter tree.  Where did that come from?


  1. I have NEVER been able to grow anything in a pot!!! You have done very well.

  2. Cute little Easter tree!!!!!! I over-wintered some Begonias, my big Hosta, and my large Impatiens... I never had any luck over-wintering ferns.. Finally gave up.

    I love Autumn Joy Sedum plants. I have quite a few around the yard and they seem to do great here.


  3. Hehe:) I've tried that Easter it found on Easter Island? Beautiful colors:) Yeah those plants always look terrible in winter for me....especially the ice plant. I save a couple shoots in case my outdoor plants die and replant them in pots for replacement if it happens. Looks like you're ready to go:) Just no snow.

  4. Those Sedum cuttings look great! The Easter tree is nice too even though you don't know where it came from ;)

  5. I can almost hear some of my plants saying "I want to go outside, I want to go outside!" -- I have put out the society garlic and I think this weekend I may put out the agapanthas -- both can have a little cold if it comes. The rest have to stay INSIDE until Truman's birthday!

  6. Thats quite a collection you have there, and quite the gardener to keep such a variety alive indoors. Are the sedum cuttings just in water? I haven't tried cuttings of them before, very intrigued!

  7. I don't have the room to bring things inside, wish I did.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. You had a lot of plants over wintering indoors. They all look great yet. I took some of mine out when we had the heat wave last week and then had to drag them back indoor. I hope the sun helped them a little before they came back indoors.

  9. You have alot of great plants to start with. I just planted up my geraniums I put in paper bags and I did put some of my coleus cuttings out in my greenhouse only to have to bring them back in a week later, oh well, itll stay warm sooner or later.


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